Kilkenny Court - Driver shouts obscenities at fellow motorist

Kilkenny Court - Driver shouts obscenities at fellow motorist
Mary Cody @marygcody

A mother who was driving home was frightened when another motorist stopped in traffic and starting shouting obscenities at her.

Scott Ryan, Apt 1, 34 Stephen Street, Waterford admitted careless driving and engaging in threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour and to criminal damage at the Bohernatounish Roundabout on the Ring Road on July 29, 2015.

Inspector Liam Connolly outlined to the court how on the date in question the injured party was driving her vehicle on the Bennettsbridge Road Roundabout on the Ring Road.

The injured party was driving home to Cuffesgrange and noted that the defendant was driving a car and ‘seemed to be racing’ and ‘got close and beeped the horn’.

The injured party continued to the Waterford Road Roundabout and then onto the Ring Road.

Swerved Across Lanes

“The defendant swerved across lanes and forced the injured party to stop. He got out of the car and approached the injured party’s car,” said the inspector who also pointed out that the incident happened in the morning time.

“He started shouting obscenities to the injured party who had locked herself into the car. She found it very frightening.”

The court heard that the defendant has 11 previous convictions.

“At the time he thought that he was the wronged road user. He was in the wrong and takes no pride in threatening others,” his solicitor said.

His solicitor added that in the past his client had ‘drank to forget and suppress’.

“He undoubtedly has his demons and he is dealing with these,” added his solicitor.

Judge Colin Daly adjourned all matters before the court to November 8 for the preparation of a probation report. He indicated that the pre-sentence report include suitability for community service.

Judge Daly also ordered a victim personal statement and said that he would be taking this into consideration when sentencing the defendant.

The victim was present in court for the case.