62% drop in Kilkenny house building activity

Only 22 houses were commenced in Kilkenny in the first quarter of 2012, according to latest house building statistics released by the Construction Industry Federation (CIF).

This represents a 62% drop on the figures for 2011 when 58 houses were commenced. There was also a major decrease in the twelve month period up to March 2012, with 79 houses commenced in Kilkenny, compared with 170 houses commenced in the twelve months leading up to March 2011. This represented a fall of 91 houses being commenced between the two twelve month periods.

There was also a substantial fall in the number of house completions with 33 units being completed in Kilkenny in the first quarter, compared to 49 during the same period in 2011. This resulted in a drop of 33% in the year on year comparison.

Speaking about the statistics, CIF Director Hubert Fitzpatrick said, “The latest statistics reveal that the level of new house building activity remains severely depressed, which points to a further sharp decline in output for 2012 in Kilkenny. Given the downturn in the house building activity nationally that is not a surprise.”

“Most of the houses being built or which were recently completed in Kilkenny are one off units. Since the economic downturn began this has become more common practice, with most house building activity nationally being based on one off units.”

“Based on the statistics for Kilkenny and the rest of the country, the CIF believes that there will now only be a total of 7,500 – 8,000 house unit completions this year. This would mark another significant drop in activity,” he added.




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