Ann Phelan urges women to vote Yes

Labour Party TD Ann Phelan is urging the women of Ireland to “think of the future” and to vote Yes in the upcoming referendum on the Stability Treaty on May 31.

“A Yes vote will give the country stability, certainty and confidence,” Deputy Phelan said. “It is a vote for the future, for our children and our grandchildren, so that they may live and prosper in this great country of ours.”

“It will keep our schools and universities going, and it will provide insurance for us all, that if we ever do find ourselves in trouble again, that there will be access to more funding – and perhaps most importantly, it will encourage more foreign investment, which of course will lead to more jobs,” she said.

“European membership has been good for the women of Ireland, with legislation on things like maternity rights, equal pay and working conditions, and part-time and temporary workers. I believe that, as a woman, a Yes vote is extremely important for Ireland as we try and restabilise our economy.”

Deputy Phelan said the treaty was an insurance policy.

“The No campaign are unspecific and uncertain in their claims – and one thing this country needs right now is confidence and certainty - voting no will not help our recovery – it will hinder it,” she said.

“I realise there are some people who want to use their vote to register a protest at the economic situation we now find ourselves in - I too am angry that we are where we are, after such political indifference by our predecessors, but if this Stability Treaty is about anything, it is about making sure that those mistakes cannot be made again, which was one of the things I campaigned strongly on.

“This Stability Treaty is good for Carlow, Kilkenny and Ireland – this Treaty allows us to decide our own future and we should grasp that with both hands and vote Yes.”




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