Bring the batteries to spread some sunshine

Due to the success of the inaugural Spread a Little Sunshine campaign in 2011, WEEE Ireland is teaming up with LauraLynn for 2013 to recycle as many waste batteries as possible, whilst also creating a fund for the LauraLynn children’s hospice.

The more batteries recycled, the more the children’s hospice will benefit. The money raised will go toward the upkeep of the hospice, which requires €1.4 million to operate annually.

WEEE Ireland, the compliance scheme for battery and waste electrical and electronic recycling, ensures that all batteries are recycled safely.

After the national launch a call to action was put out to all employees of Kilkenny’s County Hall to bring in spent batteries to the county hall recycling point.

It’s estimated by WEEE Ireland that there are up to 15 spent batteries lying around in every home in the country so there was no surprise at the large number of batteries collected amongst staff.

“We are absolutely delighted to work with LauraLynn once again this year,” said Elizabeth O’ Reilly, WEEE Ireland.

“In the first campaign, we collected the equivalent of approximately 22 million AA batteries for recycling and raised €45,000 for LauraLynn. We want everyone to help us recycle even more this year and help out an incredibly worthwhile cause.”

There are abundant opportunities to drop off waste batteries all over the city and county. Shops selling batteries are legally obliged to have a collection point, and most schools and libraries in the county have spent battery box containers. Dunmore Recycling Centre will also take in your waste batteries for free.

If you are involved with an organisation or workplace and would like to start your own battery drive amongst your friends or colleagues, all you need to do is request a battery box from the Environmental Awareness Officer of Kilkenny County Council on 056-7794470 and she will help you organise your own battery drive for a worthwhile cause.




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