David Coleman to give talk at fundraiser

Renowned child psychologist David Coleman will visit Kilkenny next week to give a talk to parents as part of a fundraiser with Bunscoil McAuley Rice in Callan.

While there may be some tickets available on the door on the night, it is strongly advised that people buy them beforehand.

Speaking to the Kilkenny People last week, the man behind ‘Teens in the Wild’ and ‘Bullyproof’ revealed the format of the upcoming talk.

“I will talk for an hour or so and then throw it open to the floor for questions,” he said.

“We will look at a range of childhood issues and how to build better relationships.”

While it is a fundraiser in conjunction with a national school, David says there will be much of interest to parents of both younger children, as well as teenagers.

New technologies and changing attitudes have altered the industry to some extent. But while the tools, and a few of the issues are different, the basics remain the same, according to David.

“At a core level, it hasn’t changed,” he says.

“There are new challenges, for example, people weren’t worried about cyber-bullying, about young children with mobile phones, or what healthy guidelines should be in relation to the Internet. But the basics haven’t changed.

David Coleman will talk next Thursday, March 14 at 8pm in Kilkenny’s Ormonde Hotel. Tickets cost €15 and are available at the hotel, at Rollercoaster Records on Kieran Street, or through Bunscoil McAuley Rice in Callan.




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