Noonan to retain Green seat as FF’s Doran tops poll

Cllr Malcolm Noonan

Cllr Malcolm Noonan


No one was elected in the first count for Kilkenny City West electoral area Fianna Fail’s Matt Doran headed the poll on 1,319.

Fellow FF candidate, Joe Malone was the only other candidate to break 1,000 on 1,146 and is also assured of a seat. Fianna Fail should take three seats with Malcolm Noonan of the Greens likely to get a seat. However, the last two seats are too close to call and Fine Gael have an outside chance of two seats with four candidates. Sinn Fein’s Kathleen Funchion has 952 and that is still over 400 votes short of a quota and might just make it.

Kilkenny City West (6 seats) 14 candidates

Electorate - 17,274

Total poll - 9808

Invalid votes - 98

Valid poll - 9,710

Number of seats - 6

Quota - 1,388

Brett Martin FG 698

Coonan John FF 736

Croke Paul FG 252

Doran Matt FF 1,319

Fitzgerald David FG 886

Foley Conor Non-P 177

Funchion Kathleen SF 952

Hanczar Wladek Non P 139

Ireland Billy FG 633

Mac Liam Conor (AAA) 408

Malone Joe FF 1,146

Mc Kee Patrick FF 984

Noonan Malcolm Green 987

Ó hArgáin Seán Labour 393




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