No sharp edges please . . .

It’s Sunday evening and walking up the path of my parent’s house I am surprised to see my Dad knee deep in weeding the flower beds. I look at my watch…7.30 p.m…what is he thinking of ?!

It’s Sunday evening and walking up the path of my parent’s house I am surprised to see my Dad knee deep in weeding the flower beds. I look at my watch…7.30 p.m…what is he thinking of ?!

‘Hi Dad, what you up to?”. He tells me that he just came out to water the flower beds and noticed that this bed of Forget Me Nots was looking a bit spent. So, that explains the full wheelbarrow and energetic pulling.

“Eh, Dad…you know the match is starting soon?!”. “Yep”, he replies, “I’ll just be a minute”. This sums up my Dad. He’s a Mr. ‘Do It Now’ kinda guy and I know he will feel better when he settles in to watch the match with a long cool glass of Diet Coke knowing that he got the job done.

Being a hands on man it has been relatively easy to pick up a gift here and there for him over the years. Woodie’s has always been popular and random tools (that are alien to me) always seem to be appreciated. But that’s the end of that for now…

The poor man cut off his finger recently with the lawnmower. Don’t worry, I’m not going to go into details! Being the most scrupulous, careful person we know, this came as a huge shock to us…and least of all to himself..

He has been incredibly good about it all and to be honest there is some relief that it wasn’t worse. However, all of a sudden I realise that Superman is vulnerable too and that is the end of sharp toys for now please!

I am struggling to think what I could buy him for Father’s Day that moves away from our usual stock of gifts. I could still give him a Woodie’s voucher if he used it to buy insulating felt to wrap around himself or some steel toed boots maybe, but step away from the tool section mister!!

My little fella has drafted up some designs for a bionic finger like Iron Man (so sweet..) but to be honest, I don’t think the prototype will be ready in time.

The dad’s can be tricky. They don’t go for bling, moisturiser, spa treatments or wine. And I wasn’t organised enough to sort tickets to Euro ’12, Wimbledon or the Olympics.

If there was such a thing as a VIP card for Lidl and Aldi that would do the trick either. Their weekly offers are always a big hit with the guys as you see them rolling out anything from thermal ski gear to 10-in-1-remote controls (surely, a fantasy come true for all you guys!). Honestly, they exist..

A pair of sunglasses comes to mind as he obviously likes the styles I choose. Well…I did have to convince him gently recently that the pair he found on the table, that he had become quite fond of, were actually mine…Hmm…I’d have to take my crooked nose into account when trying on some for him. Lop-sided on my face should straighten up on his do you think?..

He has an insatiable appetite for books which helps enormously but I find that my Uncle and I have the same idea. We both buy him books that we would love to read but just don’t have the time to get around to ourselves so, you could say that his library is already quite extensive….and his brain must be bursting with literature…

I still had some ideas up my sleeve though. I was shopping with a client lately and we ducked in to Padmore and Barnes looking for shoes and it reminded me of what a treasure trove it was. We got her the shoes…OMG…if comfort is your thing then ‘Heavenly Feet’ shoes are for you. I’m sure the sales girl thought I was just slightly the odd side of eccentric as we tried on every style and demonstrated to each other just how ‘bouncy…like walking on sponges’ they were! At least we bought some (so we didn’t look too crazy …).

Unfortunately, they didn’t have them in a men’s shoe but I found some gorgeous shoes that just might do the trick for Dad. Of course, I was drawn to some gorgeous chocolate brown desert boots and a cool Wallabee style shoe but a classic style sums him up best. Eh, Dad…if you think you’re going to get anything more than tempting clues here, you’d be wrong…but sure, keep reading why don’t you!

By the way, my Euro Millions ticket didn’t come up trumps this week, so sorry…the villa is out this year too..

However, there was plenty of inspiration for original gifts in Padmore and Barnes. To say that the choice is extensive is an understatement. With everything from canoes to handbags it is a browser’s dream. Maybe a tent with an extension lead so he could watch the matches in peace?

I was quite chuffed with myself as I recognised the display of ‘Leatherman’ products. For those of you that are not as cool and ‘with it’ as me they are the ultimate boy’s toy. Girls….just think.. fancy pen knives with lots of extra attachments in case you get lost in the wilderness or the like. If I’m honest, it actually looked like a display case of pain! The kind of thing you would expect to see in a ‘Silence of the Lambs’ movie. Sorry Dad, way too many sharp edges for me. How about a nice soft bunny?

The cool luggage was an idea too as he seems to have embraced his wanderlust recently. There was definitely plenty on offer and especially in the elusive ‘Ryanair’ size! And there were rails and rails of cool jackets that were just up his street. From Jack Murphy to the kooky label Seasalt there was lots of trying on. I confess to falling in love with a yellow Seasalt jacket myself that looked just like a Fisherman’s coat. Oh…and I may have got a tad distracted trying on some shoes too…

But, I didn’t stray from the brief…and got the perfect gift…something he’d never expect. And I promise I didn’t let my over-protective streak get the best of me. Seriously, Dad…you’re just going to have to wait…Genius!

If all else fails I vow to make sure he gets the sitting room all to himself for the Summer’s packed sporting schedule…hmm…why didn’t I think of a deluxe shed before?

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s!

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