Theatre Review; An exploration of family life, loss and love

Mary Cody


Mary Cody


Theatre Review; An exploration of family life, loss and love

Camille Lucy Ross in Big Bobby, Little Bobby

A quirky one-woman show gave its audience food for thought at the Watergate Theatre last Wednesday evening.

A tale of comedy, tragedy and woe Big Bobby Little Bobby is written and performed by Camille Lucy Ross.

At the show evolves we quickly realise that there is deep and dark depth to the character who is often witty and amusing in her performance but the underlying message is disturbing.

We watch an adult disturbed and damaged by her relationship with her addict mother. The voices in her head force her to carry out acts, that may be considered delusional. There is a murky grey land where the rational adult Bobby co-exists with her sinister alter ego causing chaos.

Love and tenderness are also present and one cannot help but reflect on the complex and often destructive ties that biological family bonds create. And the yearning desire for romantic love is also captured beautifully.

Bobby is a grown woman trapped and stuck because of her dysfunctional relationship with her incapable mother, an adult with issues over food and who hears voices in her head.

Capturing and keeping the audience's attention is never easy and when there is only one actor on stage this can be even more challenging,

But Camille succeeds - it is fast-paced, frantic and lively and comes to an end at the right time. Tragic and tender while still being funny this is worth watching.