Kilkenny singer/songwriter and musician launches Christmas single

All Because Its Christmas - Available now

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


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Mick Walsh is releasing a new Christmas song, All Because Its Christmas

Mick Walsh, the Kilkenny based, Waterford born musician and songwriter has released a new single for Christmas, All Because Its Christmas. 

It is available on line from CD baby for distribution and purchase 99c A new Christmas video is on mickciternwalsh and is one of his own compositions

All Because Its Christmas
When Halloween is over and Christmas adds appear,
Children write to Santa its that time of year,
Farmers bring their Turkeys to the market place,
Shops prepare their price lists for Whiskey Wine and Beer.
Christmas Trees ,Christmas Lights, Christmas Cards , Candle Lights,
Warm glowing fires cold snowing nights,
Carol singing,Bells ringing,Presents bringing,whiskey drinking,
All Because its Christmas, All Because its Christmas.

People home on holidays at this time of year,
Airports very busy coping with the cheer,
Railway stations full up with people in their bars,
While others collect their relatives in their motor cards.
The Bells they are a ringing in the Chapel in the town.
Services taking place for  people all around,
There's a crib down in the corner children go to see,
Stain glass windows overhead beside the holly tree.
Horse Racing on the TV on Saint Stephens Day,
Bookie shops full up hoping not to pay,
Wren Boys in the cities ,Wren boys in the town,
Playing music singing songs tradition does allow.
When it's all over and back to work we go,
The shops they want us back again to spend a little more,
Sales signs appear in windows all around,
New Years eve is here again lets have one more round.