Design student steers new Seat campaign

A CLOGH native is the brains behind Seat’s latest marking campaign.

A CLOGH native is the brains behind Seat’s latest marking campaign.

James Delaney created a video for Seat’s new line of cars as part of a competition the company ran in conjunction with the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology, where the designer is a third-year student in visual communications. In the contest, Seat challenged the animation and visual communications students to produce something that could be put up on Facebook where people could ‘like’ it and it would go “viral.”

After looking at the cars, there was one thing in particular that appealed to James about the Seat Mii, he says: “They developed technology that, when you’re driving in the city and if someone steps out in front of the car, it auto-stops.”

So his idea was to develop a campaign that puts the scientists and researchers behind the innovation to the forefront, and he created a short video (which can be viewed here) that’s meant to look as if it were leaked by Seat’s internal team.

The aim, he says, was “to make Seat’s scientists and researchers connect with the public and inform them about the research that’s ongoing at Seat.”

The Clogh native – “I come from a long line of garage operators (Delaney’s),” he says proudly – is studying visual communications, which he describes as “graphic design taken to another level,” including web design and three-dimensional spacial design.

Asked about his plans for his life after finishing his studies, he says matter-of-factly: “My 10-year goal is to work with a company who goes into space commercially.”

And he isn’t wasting any time advancing his career experience. On Friday he flew over to Boston to begin a three-month stint working with a company run by alumni of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab. This summer, he’ll be working with the design department of the company that is working to develop a 3D printer.

“Seat is a brand that has a history of attitude, drive and extroverted personality – a brand where drivers see things differently and this was what we were looking for in the entries,” he said in a statement.

“This is something that we found in James’ project and more. He really stepped outside the box and delivered a campaign concept that has far exceeded our expectations. We want to congratulate him again and wish him the very best in what we are sure will be a very bright future. We’d also like to thank IADT for their assistance with this task. They showed that they have real ability to work across both traditional and new digital media.”