New business book by Graig author

New business book by Graig author

Catherine Joyce, a native of Graignamanagh, has just launched ler latest book - 'Being an Agile Leader-Manager' last week.

In her new book, Catherine explores the impact the changing employee landscape has had on leadership.

She explains that when you take on the mantle of manager, you in effect become a leader-manager – the team looks to you for leadership, and you need to know what is required and where the boundaries are. Leader-managers also need to recognise that they are not expected to be all things to all people.

Catherine has utilised her twenty years’ experience in corporate life to produce a go-to guide for leader-managers in a range of industries. She has worked with individuals, teams and large groups who are in the process of business change to create a bespoke programme for success.

Catherine explains her motivations behind writing the book: “Today’s high-speed workplace organisations involve full-time, part-time, zero-hours contracts, virtual teams and geographically spread teams, many of whom frequently communicate virtually rather than face to face. Joint-venture partnership working is now commonplace in some industries, while communicating via social media and online tools are so prevalent they have changed how work gets done. Being managed in the ‘old way’ doesn’t work in this new environment.”

Being an Agile Leader-Manager (£14.99) launched on January 21 last and is published by Panoma Press.

It is available to order from Amazon and all good bookshops.