New Work Junction, Kilkenny is backing remote jobs

Brian Keyes


Brian Keyes

New Work Junction

New Work Junction

‘Why not work from Kilkenny instead?’ Tom O’Neill has been asking people since founding New Work Junction on the Dublin Road, Kilkenny. Now are making it very easy. Abodoo is an exciting new careers matching platform for people who want to work from Kilkenny instead of commuting. New Work Junction is teaming up with Abodoo to provide office space for those remote or smart workers.

Every day thousands of people commute to Dublin when they could just as easily work remotely from an office in Kilkenny. Many more would like to get back to work but can’t commute because of family commitments. Thousands more leave Kilkenny for work abroad, though many could as easily stay here and work remotely. Now employers are listening! They are realizing that they can find quality staff and keep existing staff by allowing people to work near where they live. Could this be you?

‘In our Kilkenny co-working office space today we have people working for companies in London, Paris, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Montreal, Lisbon, Helsinki, and of course Dublin! These people are setting a trend. They are key people whom their businesses preferred to allow to work remotely than to lose. They have opened employers’ eyes to the many benefits to opening the remote working option widely.’

‘If you are fed up of commuting and want to take control, why not ask your company?’ asks O’Neill. ‘You won’t believe the difference it will make.’

‘And if your employer is not willing to move with the times, or if you are a homeminder looking to get back to work,’ says O’Neill, ‘Go onto, take the time to list your skills and the algorithm will match you to an employer offering a smart working career with benefits.’

‘Where an employer says that you don’t have to commute but you do have to be in a professional work environment in your locality, New Work Junction is here for you. Many employers will even pay for your desk with us.

“Employers greatly benefit by embracing smart and remote working, productivity rises, attrition reduces, there is access to more talent, happier workforce and a serious financial saving” says Vanessa Tierney Co-founder of Abodoo

‘I believe that remote working can ease many problems: congestion in the main cities; carbon emission targets; finding and retaining talent for companies; footfall in the local shops and cafes on weekdays. And most importantly it can improve quality of life for a great many working people.

‘We are so committed to the idea of remote working that we have become an investor. When Apple or Google agrees to hire five Java programmers in Kilkenny but want them based in an office with good bandwidth, New Work Junction will provide five desks where the company can start their remote team the very next day.

New Work Junction will be opening a branch in Carlow this June and another in Wexford later in 2018.