Who is connecting on www.connectireland.com

Almost one year down the line and the Kilkenny based ConnectIreland initiative has been making great progress since its launch last March by the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, at Leinster House.

Almost one year down the line and the Kilkenny based ConnectIreland initiative has been making great progress since its launch last March by the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, at Leinster House.

The objective is to bring 5,000 new jobs to Ireland within the next five years under the Irish government’s Succeed In Ireland Initiative, which is managed by IDA Ireland and implemented by ConnectIreland, a Terry Clune company, the man responsible for Taxback.com.

For the country’s first ever incentivised jobs referral programme, with its headquarters in Kilkenny city, the interest in the initiative has been huge and this is reflected in the numbers of people flocking to the website to register as a Connector on a daily basis,

The ask by ConnectIreland is very simple – follow the 3 Rs:

Register – as a Connector on www.connectireland.com

Refer a company from overseas that is considering international expansion

Reward – receive a reward from the Irish government if your connection creates jobs in Ireland

This innovative project is one of the world’s first ever incentivised jobs referral programmes and it has already proven extremely successful.

To date some 5,000 registered connectors have joined the ConnectIreland Connector Community referring almost 600 companies from 74 countries from across the globe. And this pipeline of companies is growing daily.

In line with the international rollout of the ConnectIreland initiative, our US colleagues on the other side of the Atlantic have proven to be the most proactiveConnectors outside of Ireland (which has 56%) with some 21% of Connectorsemerging from the United States. UK Connectors make up 10% per cent of the jigsaw with Canada, India and China also illustrating a healthy interest at three per cent.

There are also a large percentage of Connectors coming in from Italy, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Singapore, France and the Netherlands, all of which are countries with a high number of Irish Diaspora.

ConnectIreland has been proactive in securing these Connectors by presenting itself across the globe to global Irish communities wherever possible. Last year alone,ConnectIreland visited Irish networks in China, Singapore, Malaysia, several parts of the United States, the UK, Italy, Germany, Sweden and much more. We believethat in order to inform people about the benefits of the Initiative we need to bring the programme to them so that they can understand first hand how it works and moreover – how simply it works for the benefit of individuals and for Ireland.

Of the 600 companies registered with ConnectIreland a large percentage (56%) are based in the US. Some 11% of companies registered are from the UK, while a further six per cent of registered companies are based in India.

Of these companies it has become evident that the ICT industry is the most interested in investing in Ireland with some 31% of companies registered involved in this sector.

Of course Ireland already has a track record in this area of business and therefore the clustering of business of this nature is inevitable.

Some 19% of companies registered are involved in consumer products and services while a further 16% are involved in industrial products and services.

Business services come in at 18% while medical technologies are at seven per cent.

Entertainment, pharmaceuticals and financial services each represent three per cent of registrations to date.

The pipeline of companies and connectors is ever-growing and interest in the Initiative is spiking, particularly following events held in localities where the ConnectIreland expert team can explain firsthand how the programme works.

People are beginning to understand that ConnectIreland is for everyone – we all have connections. Let your connections work for Ireland.

Learn more – log on to www.connectireland.com