Callan bypass becomes a one-way route... for walkers!

Sian Moloughney


Sian Moloughney


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The one way sign on the path of Callan bypass

A novel idea to help people maintain social distancing while getting their daily exercise has come into effect in Callan.

The popular bypass walking route has been made one way only!

Walkers will now be asked to go one way along the bypass path, and then back through the town, in a circular route. This is to help prevent people passing too close to each other and maintain the two metre rule.

The idea came from local man, Cllr Joe Lyons. Talking to the Kilkenny People, last week, he said he was bringing the idea to Kilkenny County Council. Now it has become a reality, for a short time while we are under coronavirus public health promotion measures.

Joe said: "Great to see Kilkenny Co council take on my proposal of making Callan ByPass one way for the popular walking route. Thanks also to Callan Area Office. This will also be implemented at the Abbey Meadow river walk in the Town. Keep Safe....All together by keeping apart...."