Waiting lists for consultants at St Luke's in Kilkenny has increased

A total of 70 people at the hospital are waiting twelve months or more to see a specialist.

Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



Over 3,000 people are waiting to be seen by a consultant at St Luke's General Hospital – a 10% increase on last month.

There are 3,488 patients waiting as of last month with 2,314 of these waiting between zero and three months, according to figures from the National Purchase Treatment Fund.

The treatments the patients are waiting for include the areas of cardiology, dermatology, gynaecology with the majority, 876 people, waiting on general surgery.

A total of 70 people at St Luke's are waiting twelve months or more to see a specialist.

Meanwhile there were 3,153 people on the same waiting list to see a consultant for the month of June at the St Luke's facility.

The figures for patients waiting for an inpatient or a day case procedure in the hospital had reduced from 767 in June to 704 last month.

People in this category are waiting on procedures that include general surgery and gynaecology.

However the number of people waiting 15-18 months went from 9 patients to 16 in the four weeks from June to July.

Nationally, a new record of almost 687,000 patients are waiting for treatment in public hospitals, according to the July figures.

The figure is based on 493,780 outpatient delays, 86,111 people waiting for inpatient or day case treatment, 88,446 people due to be seen in the next six weeks and 18,662 patients waiting for gastro-intestinal treatment.

Galway University Hospital has the biggest inpatient, day case and outpatient waiting lists in the country, with over 50,500 patients waiting, according to the figures.

The NTPF is an independent statutory body established by the Minister for Health.

Its key functions include: collecting, collating and validating information on persons waiting for public hospital treatment.

In a statement, the Ireland East Hospital Group says there was a 17% reduction year on year in those at St Luke’s Hospital on the In-Patient/Day Case Waiting List.

They added: “There are 3,488 people awaiting an Out-Patient Appointment in St. Luke’s. 98% of people are waiting less than one year with 21 people waiting over 15 months.

“This is a 10% increase on the numbers waiting in 2016.

“The majority 1,049 are waiting for a surgical appointment with the remainder waiting for gynaecology or cardiology appointments.

“The Ireland East Hospital Group is working in line with national waiting list targets for In Patients/Day Cases s to ensure that no patient is waiting for more than 15 months for their surgery or for their OutPatient Appointment by the end of the year.”