Editorial: Miscellany of jobs required in Kilkenny

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Darren Hassett


Darren Hassett



Editorial: Miscellany of jobs required

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The job announcements this week are a welcome boost in that they are a positive step towards balancing the scales with regard to the spread of employment across different sectors of the local economy.

The tourism and hospitality sector services are without question the largest employer here and yet Kilkenny is better placed than most counties outside of Dublin with regard to jobs across a range of financial services and Agri-business. This mix must be held on to and extended.

This week’s job creation efforts will help get the balance right. An over-reliance on any one industry should cause consternation but Kilkenny is not resting on its successful tourism industry laurels.

The county needs more employment that isn’t service-centric and it would appear these jobs are coming into Kilkenny.

However, with Brexit uncertainty - the adage of each and every job counts still applies.

The knock on effect of job creation is the economic cycle that increased employment sets in motion - or at least should - and this will feed into the larger society in Kilkenny once more people are working.

The jobs must be created and the hope is that through this week’s announcement and other opportunities that may come down the road, the county can maintain its status as a vibrant and attractive place for people to aspire to set up their stalls and live their lives.

The will and determination to achieve this must be maintained by those who can influence job creation in Kilkenny and the Government - who can improve people’s standard of living through policies and budget decisions.

Recently it was revealed that the county has received one of the fewest number of IDA visits in the South-East this year, in the context of that figure it is important that the hard work is done by the agencies of the State and the Government so that the county can be allowed to thrive.

The jobs in Carne Group Financial Services and the up to 80 new jobs in Taxback International are a step in the right direction in delivering employment in a miscellany of sectors and hopefully it can be maintained across all strata of the local economy.