Kilkenny coronavirus - jump in cases diagnosed in the county

SIan Moloughney


SIan Moloughney


Kilkenny Kilkenny


There has been a significant increase in the number of cases of coronavirus diagnosed in Kilkenny, in recent days.

The Department of Health latest figures show that 47 people in Kilkenny have so-far been diagnosed with coronavirus. This is 10 more than the official number of cases diagnosed as of two days before.

While the national figure of total cases is 4,273 as of last night (Friday), the latest breakdown on a county-by-county basis is based on figures from last Wednesday, at midnight (3,655).

Surrounding counties have the following confirmed cases of coronavirus:

Carlow - 5 or less

Tipperary - 94

Waterford - 43

Wexford - 18

Laois - 16

Up to yesterday evening, April 3, there have been 4,273 cases diagnosed in the country and 120 people have died from coronavirus.

61% of cases have now been contracted from community transmission. 1,039 people have been hospitalised and 148 people required ICU care, across Ireland since the virus began.