Kilkenny motorist tried to avoid gardaí - fined

€1,000 in fines for a number of offences

Kilkenny People reporter


Kilkenny People reporter


Kilkenny District Court

Kilkenny Court House

Fines totalling €1,000 have been imposed on a motorist who ‘tried to avoid gardaí’.
Gerard O’Brien, Listerlin, Mullinavat, was charged with driving without reasonable consideration. He was also charged with driving without a valid NCT and without tax.

Kilkenny District Court heard that on February 25, 2020, gardaí were conducting a checkpoint at Mullinavat. They saw a car being driven erratically and followed it.
The car drove down a narrow lane trying to avoid the gardaí.
Weather conditions were wet and foggy at the time.

Gardaí followed the car onto the motorway and it was not safe to stop the car for a while, the court heard. There were passengers in the vehicle.
When stopped Mr O’Brien told the gardaí he was making an emergency journey.
The defendant had 18 previous convictions.

In a hurry
Solicitor Chris Hogan said his client wasn’t trying to evade the gardaí. The road was blocked and he was in a hurry to Dublin.
He stopped when he saw the gardaí behind him.
Judge Geraldine Carthy convicted Mr O’Brien on the three charges. For not having valid tax he was fined €250, a fine of €250 was imposed for not having a valid NCT and for driving without reasonable consideration he was fined €500.