Kilkenny farm walk with Pat Dillon, Grangecuffe and Teagasc

Last chance to walk Kilkenny People farm monitor of last four years

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Farm walk in Kilkenny at Pat Dillon's farm, Grangecuffe on August 24

Suspicious looking cattle

A Teagasc/Glanbia dairy monitor farm walk will be held on the farm of Pat Dillon, Grangecuffe on Friday August 24 at 11am.

Pat has been participating in the monitor farm programme for the last four years and this is the final walk on this farm.

The Teagasc/Glanbia Joint Programme was set up to position dairy farmers in the Glanbia area to take advantage of growth opportunities that arose post 2015.

On this walk you will see and hear how Pat has progressed over the last 4 years and what skills and knowledge he has gained from the programme to sustainably and profitably future proof his dairy farm business.

The physical and financial performance over the last 4 years will be discussed as well as the improvements achieved in breeding and grassland management. You will also hear Pat’s plans for the future.

The performance figures from this farm have featured each week in this newspaper for the last four years.  This is your final opportunity to see and hear how that performance was achieved. All are welcome.