GAA calls on Kilkenny clubs for total shutdown





Kilkenny GAA

Kilkenny GAA clubs have been instructed to shut all their facilities as a measure of containing the spread of the coronavirus

GAA clubs across Kilkenny have been told to close all facilities immediately. 

With new measures to control the spread of the Coronavirus announced by the Government, the GAA has instructed clubs to close all facilities immediately. 

This includes the use of all gyms, club bars, pitches and property for recreational purposes, including walking, casual games or gatherings.

Where it is not possible to restrict access, clubs have been asked to erect signage to the effect that all GAA facilities are closed and all activity suspended.

In order to facilitate an orderly resumption of activities when circumstances permit, clubs are encouraged to proceed as normal with their membership registration process where practical. Clubs of course should be mindful of the possible changed financial circumstances of members.

Similarly, club lottos may proceed if they are run on an online basis and do not involve wholesale engagement with the public.

Clubs are also advised to refrain from undertaking new capital projects while support funding for this type of work is suspended.

“As a national / international organisation, we have a part to play in emphasising the need to practice social distancing, as outlined by the authorities,” said the GAA in an address to clubs.

“It is imperative that we exercise extreme caution keeping two metres between people when taking physical exercise while encouraging people to consider using off-peak times when they are less likely to meet others.

“We would like to assure you that we, and the wider GAA team across our counties and provinces, are working hard to ensure that we are in the best possible position to return to our games when that time comes.

“In the meantime, please stay safe, look out for one another and continue to adhere to the instructions of the Government and the Health Authorities at this most challenging time.”

These measures and closures have been extended to Sunday April 19 inclusive, at which stage arrangements will be reviewed.


In other news the 2020 Leinster Minor Hurling championship looks set to be a straight knockout competition.

With the country still on a sporting lockdown the Kilkenny People has been told that Leinster Council wrote to the participating counties today, informing them that in all probability this year’s Leinster MHC would be run as knockout competition and not as a Round Robin format.