Kilkenny GAA fixtures and results

ALL THE Kilkenny GAA fixtures and results.

ALL THE Kilkenny GAA fixtures and results.


Duggan Steel Under-16 HL

Johnstown: Fenians v Dicksboro (7pm)

Ref: Pat Hayes

Allianz/Cumann na mBunscol Roinn A Educational Supplies HL

Castlecomer: Castlecomer v Clara (4pm)

St John’s: St John’s v St Canice’s (4pm)

Thomastown: Thomastown v Ballyhale (4pm)

Kilkenny CBS: Kilkenny CBS v St Patrick’s (4pm)

Gaelscoil Osraí: Gaelscoil Osraí: v Kilmanagh (4pm)

Glenmore: Glenmore v Graigue/Skeough (4pm)

Mullinavat: Mullinavat v Carrickshock (4pm)

Dunnamaggin: Dunnamaggin v Kilmacow (4pm)

Allianz/Cumann na mBunscol Top Oil Roinn D 11 aside HL

Ballyragget: Ballyragget v Galmoy (4pm)

Johnstown: Johnstown v Conahy (4pm)

Tullaroan: Tullaroan v Windgap (4pm)

Hurling Development Squads

Under-14 North: Muckalee

Under-14 Central: Clara

Under-14 South: Ballyhale

Under-15 Palmerstown: North, Central, South

Under-16 Castlecomer

Under-17 Castlecomer (Game v Under-16s)

All players are asked to be on fields at 6.30pm.

Under-10 Go Games

All games at 6.30pm. First teams named have home advantage.

Fenians v Carrickshock

Kilmacow v Cloneen

Rower-Inistioge v Barrow Rangers

Erin’s Own v Galmoy

Dunnamaggin v Tullaroan

Blacks & Whites v Windgap

Mullinavat v Conahy Shamrocks

Emeralds v John Lockes

St Martin’s (Team Red) v Young Irelands (Team White)

Graignamanagh v Danesfort

Tullogher-Rosbercon v Piltown

St Patricks v Young Irelands (Team Red)

St Lachtain’s v Mooncoin

Bennettsbridge v Graigue-Ballycallan

Lisdowney v Thomastown (Team White)

James Stephens v Ballyhale Shamrocks

Clara v Thomastown (Team Blue)

Dicksboro (Team Maroon) v St Martin’s (Team Green)


Duggan Steel Under-14 HL

Palmerstown: Dicksboro v Young Irelands (7.15pm)

Ref: Ger O’Grady


St Canice’s Credit Union SHL

Thomastown: Ballyhale Shamrocks v Clara (7.30pm)

Ref: Paddy Neary

Country Style Foods South JBHL

Carrigeen: Carrigeen v Rower-Inistioge (7pm)

Ref: Paschal Connolly

Duggan Steel Under-16 HL

Danesfort: Danesfort v Kilmacow (7pm)

Ref: Dominic Connolly


Electric Ireland Leinster MHC quarter-final

Newbridge: Kildare v Kilkenny (2pm)

Ref: Kevin Brady

St Canice’s Credit Union SHL

Nowlan Park: Fenians v Carrickshock (5pm)

(This game is subject to time change)

Ref: Denis O’Sullivan

Nowlan Park: Graigue-Ballycallan v St Martin’s (7.30pm)

Ref: Sean Cleere

Gowran: James Stephens v Tullaroan (7.30pm)

Ref: Patrick Dunphy

Bennettsbridge: Danesfort v Dicksboro (7.30pm)

Ref: Eugene Ryan

Ballyragget: Erin’s Own v O’Loughlin Gaels (7.30pm)

Ref: Paddy Bowden

Michael Lyng Motors IHL

Muckalee: St Patrick’s v Young Irelands (5pm)

Ref: Maurice Flynn

Clara: Conahy Shamrocks v Dunnamaggin (7.30pm)

Ref: John Guinan

Ballyhale: Thomastown v Mooncoin (7.30pm)

Ref: Thomas Duggan

Inistioge: Rower-Inistioge v Tullogher-Rosbercon (7.30pm)

Ref: Richard Dowling

Piltown: Mullinavat v Glenmore (7.30pm)

Ref: Eddie Crowley

Johnstown: St Lachtain’s v Emeralds (7.30pm)

Ref: Gavin Quilty

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons JHL

Galmoy: Galmoy v Piltown (7.30pm)

Ref: Podge Butler

Duggan Steel Under-16 HL

Paulstown: Barrow Rangers v O’Loughlin Gaels (3pm)

Ref: TBC

Under-10 Go Games

All games 10am. First teams named have home advantage

Fenians v Rower-Inistioge

Carrickshock v Barrow Rangers

Kilmacow v James Stephens (Team Dearg)

Erin’s Own v Blacks & Whites

Galmoy v Windgap

Dunnamaggin v Dicksboro (Team White)

Mullinavat v St Martin’s (Team Red)

Conahy Shamrocks v Young Irelands (Team White)

Emeralds v Glenmore

Graignamanagh v St Patricks Ballyragget

Danesfort v Young Irelands (Team Red)

Tullogher-Rosbercon v O’Loughlin Gaels (Team Ban)

St Lachtain’s v Lisdowney

Mooncoin v Thomastown (Team White)

Bennettsbridge v Slieverue

James Stephens v Dicksboro (Team Maroon)

Ballyhale Shamrocks v St Martin’s (Team Green)

Clara v O’Loughlin Gaels (Team Glas)


J.J. Kavanagh & Sons JHL

Windgap: Windgap v Slieverue (11am)

Ref: Paul Whelan

Bennettsbridge: Bennettsbridge v Barrow Rangers (12 noon)

Ref: Peter Burke

John Locke Park: John Lockes v Blacks & Whites (2pm)

Ref: Pat Hayes

Graignamanagh: Graignamanagh v Kilmacow (2pm)

Ref: John Minogue

Cloneen: Cloneen v Lisdowney (2pm)

Ref: Sean Cleere

Clara: Clara v Mooncoin (2pm)

Ref: Raymond Byrne

Tullaroan: Tullaroan v Mullinavat (2pm)

Ref: Ger O’Grady

St John’s Park: O’Loughlin Gaels v St Martin’s (2pm)

Ref: Jim Fitzgerald

Canon Kearn’s Park: Erin’s Own v Dicksboro (2pm)

Ref: Eamon Larkin

Iverk Produce South JAHL

Thomastown: Thomastown v Erin’s Own (11.30am)

Ref: John Walsh

Ballyhale: Ballyhale Shamrocks v Rower-Inistioge (7pm)

Ref: Willie Kearney


Duggan Steel Under-14 HL

Páirc na Ratha: Glenmore v Graigue-Ballycallan (7.30pm)

Ref: Máirtín Ó Caoillte

Ballyhale: Ballyhale Shamrocks v Erin’s Own (7.30pm)

Ref: Willie Kearney

Palmerstown: Dicksboro v Clara (7.30pm)

Ref: Sean Cleere

St John’s Park: O’Loughlin Gaels v James Stephens (7.30pm)

Ref: John Guinan

Paulstown: Barrow Rangers v Thomastown (7.30pm)

Ref: Shem Gibbons

Dunnamaggin: Dunnamaggin v John Lockes (7.30pm)

Ref: Julian O’Dwyer

Tullogher: Tullogher-Rosbercon v Kilmacow (7.30pm)

Ref: Dominic Connolly

Slieverue: Slieverue v Bennettsbridge (7.30pm)

Ref: Richard Dowling

Piltown: Piltown v St Fiacre’s (7.30pm)

Ref: John Kennedy

Inistioge: Rower-Inistioge v St Lachtain’s (7.30pm)

Ref: Gavin Quilty

Lisdowney: Lisdowney v Mooncoin (7.30pm)

Ref: Pat Hayes

Coon: St Martin’s v Danesfort (7.30pm)

Ref: Sean Brennan

Gowran: Young Irelands v Conahy Shamrocks (7.30pm)

Ref: John Minogue

Ballyragget: St Patrick’s v Mullinavat (7.30pm)

Ref: Paddy Bowden

Windgap: Windgap v Carrickshock (7.30pm)

Ref: Paul Whelan

Cloneen: Cloneen/Railyard v Fenians (7.30pm)

Ref: Podge Butler

Tullaroan: Tullaroan v Galmoy (7.30pm)

Ref: Eugene Ryan


J.J. Kavanagh & Sons All County JHL

Lisdowney: Lisdowney v Slieverue (7.30pm)

Ref: Ger O’Grady

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons All County JHL playoff

Páirc Naomh Moling: Naomh Moling v Bennettsbridge (7.15pm)

Ref: Podge Butler

Country Style Foods South JBHL

John Locke Park: John Lockes v Piltown (7.30pm)

Ref: John Kennedy

Hugginstown: Carrickshock v Mullinavat (7.30pm)

Ref: Gavin Quilty

Duggan Steel Under-14 HL

Larchfield: James Stephens v Dicksboro (7.30pm)

Ref: James Barry

Wednesday, May 22

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons All County JHL

Mooncoin: Mooncoin v St Martin’s (7.30pm)

Ref: Michael O’Sullivan


St Canice’s Credit Union SHL

James Stephens 1-17, Fenians 1-6

Carrickshock 2-16, St Martin’s 2-13

O’Loughlin Gaels 2-15, Dicksboro 0-13

Ballyhale Shamrocks 2-17, Danesfort 0-7

Erin’s Own 2-6, Clara 0-11

Tullaroan 2-12, Graigue-Ballycallan 1-12

Michael Lyng Motors IHL

Dunnamaggin 1-21, Mooncoin 0-16

Young Irelands 2-15, Thomastown 0-18

Conahy Shamrocks 2-12 ,St Patrick’s 1-11

Emeralds 0-19, Tullogher-Rosbercon 1-9

St Lachtain’s 2-15, Glenmore 1-12

Rower-Inistioge 1-10, Mullinavat 0-7

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons JHL

Bennettsbridge 1-20, Windgap 0-6

John Lockes 1-13, Slieverue 1-13

Blacks & Whites 3-10, Barrow Rangers 1-13

Galmoy 2-15, Graignamanagh 1-9

Lisdowney 3-17, Kilmacow 0-15

Piltown 0-17, Cloneen 0-9

St Martin’s 1-10, Erin’s Own 0-13

James Stephens 1-18, Dicksboro 3-8

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons North JAHL

Lisdowney 0-19, St Martin’s 1-8

Iverk Produce South JAHL

Rower-Inistioge 2-13, Kilmacow 1-12

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons North JBHL

James Stephens 2-11, Clara 1-8

Blacks & Whites 3-12, St Lachtain’s 2-8

Kilkenny Honda Centre Minor HL

Rower-Inistioge 0-16, Erin’s Own 1-12

Dicksboro 2-11, Thomastown 1-14

Bennettsbridge 1-21, Tullaroan 2-11

Mooncoin 3-23, Ballyhale Shamrocks 3-7

St Lachtain’s 2-21, Glenmore 1-9

James Stephens 1-16, O’Loughlin Gaels 0-9

Graigue-Ballycallan 2-20, St Martin’s 0-13

Conahy Shamrocks 2-13, Clara 1-8

Galmoy/Windgap 4-12, Lisdowney 0-9

St Fiacre’s 3-11, James Stephens 1-8

The Harps 2-11, Fenians 2-9

Tullogher-Rosbercon 3-12, John Lockes 2-10

Mullinavat 2-12, Kilmacow 2-12

Dunnamaggin 7-26, Cloneen/Railyard 0-4

St Patrick’s 2-9, Dicksboro 1-9

Dunnamaggin 2-12, Carrickshock 1-6

Duggan Steel Under-16 HL

Dicksboro 3-17, James Stephens 2-11

John Lockes 5-10, Glenmore 0-2

Slieverue 5-21, Ballyhale Shamrocks 0-4

Mooncoin 4-20, Rower-Inistioge 1-5

Clara 3-6, St Lachtain’s 2-6

Danesfort 0-12, Thomastown 1-4

Piltown 7-12, St Fiacre’s 0-4

Conahy Shamrocks 3-18 Bennettsbridge 0-8

Emeralds 1-16, O’Loughlin Gaels 2-4

Dicksboro 5-15, Carrickshock 0-3

Kilmacow 4-8, James Stephens B 0-11

Duggan Steel Under-14 HL

Conahy Shamrocks 6-12, St Patrick’s 1-4

Graigue-Ballycallan 4-8, Ballyhale Shamrocks 1-6

Glenmore 3-14, Clara 2-7

Thomastown 3-5, Dicksboro 1-8

James Stephens 1-10, Erin’s Own 1-2

Dunnamaggin 7-4, Piltown 3-6

Bennettsbridge 8-9, John Lockes 3-4

Kilmacow 2-12,Slieverue 1-1

St Fiacre’s 6-13, Tullogher-Rosbercon 1-5

St Lachtain’s 3-9, St Martin’s 1-4

Mooncoin 4-20, Rower-Inistioge 0-7

Emeralds 5-6, Lisdowney 3-9