How the game unfolded on the clock - the minute by minute action from the Thurles showndown as hungry Cats destroy Cork

2nd minute – Michael Fennelly shoot a point from midfield into the county end goal after taking a short pass from Paul Murphy.

2nd minute – Michael Fennelly shoot a point from midfield into the county end goal after taking a short pass from Paul Murphy.

2.45 minutes – Matthew Ruth pointed from the left after receiving possession from Cillian Buckley.

4.40 minutes – Richie Doyle delivers the ball up the field. Eoin Larkin wins possession on the left and rounds his man before shooting a goal (1-2 to 0-0).

5th minute – Tommy Walsh fields a Cork puck-out before being fouled. Paddy Hogan hits the target from 70 metres.

7th minute – Paddy Home lands a bomb of a free from 80 metres on the left after Michael Fennelly was fouled under a dropping ball.

8th minute – Paudie O’Sullivan was tripped in the left corner. Patrick Horgan points the free from 20-metres.

9th minute – Paddy Hogan lifts and strikes the ball in one crisp movement on the left and he hits the target.

9.30 minutes – Paddy Hogan Eoin Larkin do an about turn on a Cork raid and flash the ball up field to Colin Fennelly. From close to the left edge of the square he buried the ball in the net.

10th minute – Matt Ruth shot a point after receiving a pass from Brian Hogan (2-6 to 0-1).

12th minute – A foul on Lorcan McLoughlin earns Cork a free and point for Patrick Horgan.

14.50 minutes – John Gardiner shot a point.

18th minute – Colin Fennelly shoots a point after playing a 1-2 with Cillian Buckley.

20th minute – Tommy Walsh shoots a point from 45 metres on the left after being picked out to receive a free from Paddy Hogan, the ball delivered with precision over the head of two opponents.

27th minute – Shane O’Neill delivers an angled drive left to right to create a point scoring opportunity for Horgan.

29th minute – Conor Lehane was fouled as he drove inside the 20-metre line and towards the Kilkenny goal. Patrick Horgan’s well struck low drive ended with the ball being turned over the bar.

30th minute – Eoin Larkin set up Matthew Ruth for a point.

33rd minute – A foul on T.J. Reid in his own half ended with the ball being rifled up the field to Eoin Larkin. Kilkenny point!

33.45 minutes – A Cork player fouled the ball by holding it too long when put under pressure on the ‘50’. Eoin Larkin pointed the free.

34.50 minutes – T.J. Reid shot a goal from eight metres on the left after successive efforts by Larkin and Colin Fennelly had been blocked out.

35th minute – Patrick Horgan pointed a free.

Half-time: Kilkenny 3-11, Cork 0-6.

36th minute – Luke O’Farrell was fouled. Horgan pointed the free.

37th minute – Niall McCarthy pointed after receiving a pass from John Gardiner.

39th minute – Richie Hogan was fouled. Eoin Larkin pointed the free.

40th minute – Richie Hogan pointed after taking a pass from T.J. Reid (3-13 to 0-8).

43rd minute – Eoin Larkin won a ball at close quarters against his marker, turned smartly and shot a lovely point.

47th minute – Darren Sweetnam galloped through the Kilkenny defence on the left before shooting a point from 20 metres.

48th minute – A stray hand-pass by a Cork player was picked up by Colin Fennelly, who pointed.

49th minute – Cillian Buckley snapped up possession off an under pressure opponent before shooting a point (3-16 to 0-9).

50th minute – Jamie Coughlan shot a sweet point.

51st minute – William Egan pointed a free from 68-metres.

52nd minute – T.J. Reid shot a lovely point from 50 metres almost on the left sideline.

54th minute – A bad Cork puck-out ended with Colin Fennelly shooting a point.

55th minute – Patrick Horgan pointed.

58th minute – Shane O’Neill was fouled. Horgan pointed the free.

61st minute – Patrick Horgan was fouled after fielding a sideline cut from the left. Cork penalty! Horgan’s rising shot sailed over the bar (3-18 to 0-14).

69th minute – Mark Bergin pointed.

70th minute – Colin Fennelly pointed.

70.30 minutes – Darren Sweetnam pointed.

71st minute – T.J. Reid pointed from midfield.

72nd minute – Cathal Naughton pointed.

Full-time: Kilkenny 3-21, Cork 0-16.