This week’s GAA fixtures and results

Fixtures from Wednesday, May 9 to Wednesday, May 16

Fixtures from Wednesday, May 9 to Wednesday, May 16


Educational Supplies Schools HL (all 4pm)

St John’s v Ballyhale

Gaelscoil Osraí v Kilmanagh

St Patrick’s v Scoil McCauley Rice

Kilkenny CBS v Clara

Top Oil Schools HL (all 4pm)

Clogh Moneenroe v Coon/Muckalee

Lisdowney v Ballyragget

Dunnamaggin v St Canice’s

St Patrick’s v Gaelscoil Osraí

Kilkenny CBS v Danesfort

Slieverue v Graigue/Skeough

Mullinavat v Carrickshock

Glenmore v Kilmacow

Development Squads Fixtures


North - Freshford

Central - St Kieran’s

South - Mullinavat


North - Castlecomer

South - John Locke Park


North - Tullaroan

South - Ballyhale

All sessions start at (6.30pm) sharp. Players are asked to wear their club colours


Iverk Produce South Junior A HL

Inistioge: Rower-Inistioge v Erin’s Own (7pm)

Ref: Thomas Duggan

Duggan Steel Under-16 HL

Tullogher: Tullogher-Rosbercon v Ballyhale Shamrocks

Ref: Paul Whelan (6.45pm)

Coon: St Martin’s v Graigue-Ballycallan (7pm)

Ref: Paddy Bowden

Windgap: Galmoy/Windgap v Tullaroan (6.45pm)

Ref: John McCormack

Duggan Steel Under-16 FL

Larchfield: James Stephens v Thomastown (7pm)

Ref: Ollie O’Neill

Dunnamaggin: Kilmoganny v Young Irelands (7pm)

Ref: Paschal Connolly


St Canice’s (Kilkenny) Credit Union Senior HL

Urlingford: Tullaroan v Fenians (7pm)

Ref: Peter Burke

Michael Lyng Motors Intermediate HL

Muckalee: St Lachtain’s v Young Irelands (7pm)

Ref: Julian O’Dwyer

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons Junior HL

Dunnamaggin: Dunnamaggin v Erin’s Own (7pm)

Ref: John Mc Cormack

Mooncoin: Mooncoin v O’Loughlin Gaels (7pm)

Ref: Paschal Connolly

Duggan Steel Under-16 HL

Bennettsbridge: Bennettsbridge v Mullinavat (6.45pm)

Ref: John Walsh

Larchfield: James Stephens v O’Loughlin Gaels (6.45pm)

Ref: Ollie O’Neill

Kilmacow: Kilmacow v Conahy Shamrocks (7pm)

Ref: Raymond Byrne

Graignamanagh: St Fiacre’s v Barrow Rangers (7pm)

Ref: John Minogue

Lisdowney: Lisdowney v Piltown (7.15pm)

Ref: Colin Breheny

Corn De Bhaldraithe (Country Cup Hurling) quarter-finals (all 4pm)

Thomastown v Gowran

Conahy v Urlingford

St Canice’s v Graigue/Skeough

Glenmore v Clogh-Moneenroe


St Canice’s (Kilkenny) Credit Union Senior HL

Nowlan Park: Erin’s Own v Carrickshock (4pm)

Ref: Gavin Quilty. Linesmen: Gay Rafter, Michael Meaney

Nowlan Park: St Martin’s v Danesfort (5.30pm)

Ref: Richard Dowling. Linesmen: Gay Rafter, Michael Meaney

Hugginstown: Ballyhale Shamrocks v Dunnamaggin (7.15pm)

Ref: Thomas Duggan

Michael Lyng Motors Intermediate HL

Johnstown: St Patrick’s v Emeralds (2pm)

Ref: Paddy Neary

Mullinavat: Glenmore v Mooncoin (7pm)

Ref: Paul Whelan

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons Junior HL (all 7pm)

Graignamanagh: Graignamanagh v Piltown

Ref: Raymond Byrne

Slieverue: Slieverue v Windgap

Ref: John Bennett

Bennettsbridge: Bennettsbridge v Barrow Rangers

Ref: John Walsh

Tullaroan: Tullaroan v Clara

Ref: Sean Brennan

Larchfield: James Stephens v Fenians

Ref: John Guinan

Vincent Morrissey Under-16 hurling memorial tournament

(A) Larchfield: Mooncoin v Glen Rovers (10.30am)

(B) St Kieran’s College: James Stephens v Durlas Óg (10.30am)

(C) Larchfield: Thomastown v O’Donavan Rossa (11.30am)

(D) St Kieran’s College: Rower-Inistioge v Meath Under-16 squad (11.30am)

(E) Larchfield: Losers A v Losers C (1pm)

(F) St Kieran’s College: Losers B v Losers D (1pm)

(G) Larchfield: Winners A v Winners C (2pm)

(H) St Kieran’s College: Winners B v Winners D (2pm)

(I) Larchfield: Shield Final, Winners E v Winners F (3pm)

(J) Larchfield: Cup Final, Winner G v Winner H (4pm)


A minute’s silence is to be observed at all games, including challenge games, on Sunday May 13 to remember

those who died in the great famine

St Canice’s (Kilkenny) Credit Union Senior HL

Nowlan Park: O’Loughlin Gaels v Dicksboro (2pm)

Ref: Maurice Flynn. Linesmen: Pat Hayes, Paddy Bowden

Ballyragget: James Stephens v Graigue-Ballycallan (7pm)

Ref: Eddie Crowley

Michael Lyng Motors Intermediate HL

Bennettsbridge: Tullogher-Rosbercon v Conahy Shamrocks


Ref: Sean Brennan

Thomastown: Clara v Mullinavat (2pm)

Ref: Jim Fitzgerald

Ballyhale: Rower-Inistioge v John Lockes (7pm)

Ref: John Kennedy

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons Junior HL

Kilmacow: Kilmacow v Galmoy (2pm)

Ref: Dominic Connolly

Thomastown: Thomastown v Blacks & Whites (7pm)

Ref: Peter Burke

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons North Junior B HL

Danesfort: Danesfort v St Lachtain’s (6pm)

Ref: Paschal Connolly


Duggan Steel Under-16 HL

Callan CBS: John Lockes v Rower-Inistioge (7.15pm)

Ref: John Kennedy

Duggan Steel Under-14 HL

Windgap: Windgap v Galmoy (6.30pm)

Ref: Colin Breheny

Hugginstown: Carrickshock v Cloneen/Railyard (6.30pm)

Ref: Paul Whelan

Mullinavat: Mullinavat v Fenians (6.30pm)

Ref: Richard Dowling

Palmerstown: Dicksboro v Danesfort (7pm)

Ref: Sean Brennan

Jenkinstown: Conahy Shamrocks v Graigue-Ballycallan (7pm)

Ref: Paddy Bowden

Ballyhale: Ballyhale Shamrocks v Thomastown (7pm)

Ref: Julian O’Dwyer

Tullogher: Tullogher-Rosbercon v Lisdowney (7pm)

Ref: John Walsh

Piltown: Piltown v Barrow Rangers (7pm)

Ref: Martin Quilty

Urlingford: Emeralds v Erin’s Own (7pm)

Ref: Eugene Ryan

Coon: St Martin’s v Mooncoin (7pm)

Ref: Ger O’Grady

Ballyragget: St Patrick’s v Dunnamaggin (7pm)

Ref: Peter Burke


Duggan Steel Under-16 FL

Tullogher: Tullogher-Rosbercon v Glenmore (7pm)

Ref: Richard Dowling

Duggan Steel Under-14 HL

Clara: Clara v James Stephens (7pm)

Ref: Ollie O’Neill

Palmerstown: Dicksboro v Bennettsbridge (7pm)

Ref: Podge Butler

Wednesday, May 16

Educational Supplies Schools HL (all 4pm)

Scoil McCauley Rice v St John’s

St Canice’s v Kilkenny CBS

Kilmanagh v St Patrick’s

Clara v Gaelscoil Osraí

Top Oil Schools HL

Tullaroan v Conahy (4pm)

Galmoy v Bennettsbridge (4pm)

Development Squads fixtures (all 6.30pm)

Under-14 North Hurling: Jenkinstown

Under-14 Central Hurling: Clara

Under-14 South Hurling: Thomastown

Under-15 North Hurling: Ballyragget

Under-15 South Hurling: Mullinavat

Under-16 North Hurling: Palmerstown

Under-16 South Hurling: Piltown


Allianz Hurling League Roinn 1 final

Kilkenny 3-21, Cork 0-16

Electric Ireland Leinster MHC

Kilkenny 2-17, Laois 0-15

Michael Lyng Motors Intermediate HL

St Lachtain’s 1-18, Emeralds 1-8

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons Junior HL

Lisdowney 3-13, Bennettsbridge 0-13

Erins Own 2-14, Mooncoin 2-12

Dicksboro 0-21, Dunnamaggin 0-7

Clara 3-16, James Stephens 1-10

Tullaroan 2-11, St Martin’s 1-12

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons North Junior A HL semi-finals

St Lachtain’s 2-18, Conahy Shamrocks 3-12

Graigue-Ballycallan 2-12, Carlow Town 0-13

Iverk Produce South Junior A HL

Ballyhale Shamrocks 2-14, Thomastown 0-12

Glenmore w/o, Ballinkillen scr

Carrickshock 0-22, Tullogher-Rosbercon 1-9

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons North Junior B HL

O’Loughlin Gaels 0-21, Danesfort 0-12

Barrow Rangers 4-8, St Lachtain’s 0-8

Blacks & Whites 2-10, Erin’s Own 2-8

Cloneen 1-10, Dicksboro 1-9

Galmoy w/o, Bennettsbridge scr

Graigue-Ballycallan 4-12, James Stephens 4-12

Country Style Foods South Junior B HL

Graignamanagh 1-11, Slieverue 1-10

John Lockes w/o, Windgap scr

Carrigeen 1-17, Rower-Inistioge 2-13

Kilmacow 1-25, Mooncoin 2-5

J.J. Kavanagh All County Junior HL

Lisdowney 3-13, Bennettsbridge 0-13

Kilkenny Honda Centre Minor HL

James Stephens 1-18, Emeralds 0-9

Graigue-Ballycallan 0-14, Bennettsbridge 0-11

Rower-Inistioge 3-15, Ballyhale Shamrocks 1-7

Tullogher-Rosbercon 4-16, Camross 3-6

Piltown 2-14, Clara 0-8

Mooncoin 3-14 Barrow Rangers 0-9

Danesfort 2-18, The Harps 1-9

John Lockes 1-15, Galmoy/Windgap 1-7

Lisdowney 3-16, Mullinavat 3-14

Fenians 1-10, St Patrick’s 1-8

Young Irelands 3-9, Cloneen/Railyard 1-8

Tullaroan 5-17, Dicksboro B 1-7

Duggan Steel Under-16 HL

Dicksboro 1-12, Glenmore 1-11

Thomastown 2-20, Slieverue 3-7

O’Loughlin Gaels 3-14 Rower-Inistioge 0-10

James Stephens 3-11, Erin’s Own 0-1

St Lachtain’s 3-9, Conahy Shamrocks 0-17

Lisdowney 2-15, Tullogher-Rosbercon 2-6

Kilmacow 0-13, Piltown 0-10

Clara 6-19, Ballyhale Shamrocks 3-6

St Martin’s 2-15, Barrow Rangers 1-16

Galmoy/Windgap 6-13, Mullinavat 4-5

Tullaroan 4-11, St Fiacre’s 2-9

Graigue-Ballycallan 1-16, Bennettsbridge 1-15

Dunnamaggin 0-11, Danesfort 0-6

Young Irelands 2-11, St Patrick’s 0-7

Carrickshock 6-8, Cloneen/Railyard 4-4

Emeralds 1-10, Fenians 1-7

O’Loughlin Gaels 1-10, Dicksboro 0-10

Duggan Steel Under-14 HL

Glenmore 2-11, James Stephens 1-6

Dunnamaggin 6-10, Dicksboro 2-2

Educational Supplies Schools HL

Gaelscoil Osraí 3-3, Scoil McCauley Rice 0-0

Kilmanagh 4-11, Kilkenny CBS 1-2

St Canice’s 4-9, Clara 1-5

Conahy 8-6, Goresbridge/Paulstown 0-2

Freshford 2-5, Urlingford 1-4

Thomastown 2-7, Bennettsbridge 1-5

Tullogher-Rosbercon 2-6, Inistioge 1-4

Top Oil Schools HL

Slieverue Mixed 5-7, Carrickshock 2-4

Glenmore 3-3, Graigue/Skeough 3-3

Clogh Moneenroe 4-7, Ballyragget 3-2

Windgap 3-4, Bennettsbridge 0-6

Galmoy 10-3, Conahy 4-0