Inter-County Camogie stars threaten boycott of National League

Robert Cribbin


Robert Cribbin


Inter-County Camogie stars threaten boycott of National League

The majority of Inter-County Camogie players have insisted they will boycott the upcoming Littlewoods National League if the proposed fixture list for 2021 gets the go ahead.

Unlike the other associations Camogie bosses had planned to run inter-county league, club championship and then inter-county championship, in that order while the others went for a split-season.

The original plan did not go down well and the Association has now decided it will take a week to poll it's members before making a final decision while the Gaelic Players Association (GPA) are also looking for clarity.

The Camogie Association released a statement explaining their viewpoint.

“The Camogie Association’s priority is to maximise meaningful games opportunity for all of our members, and to do this in a fair and equitable manner.

“Our proposed fixture list is designed to achieve this. However over the last 48 hours there has been disquiet from the GPA and our inter-county players in relation to our fixture calendar.

“To gain clarity on the path the entire association wants to take during this Covid-19 time, we have decided to poll our members over the next seven days. This poll will be carried out through all camogie clubs, and the result will guide our fixture calendar. Details of this process will follow.”

The Littlewoods National League is scheduled to commence on Saturday week.