GAA fixtures and results

ALL of the Kilkenny fixtures and results

ALL of the Kilkenny fixtures and results


Development Squad Fixtures (All 6.30pm)

Under-14 North Central and South are all in the new James Stephens grounds on the Kells Road.

Under-15 (now divided into two squads North and South)

Under-15 South

Mullinavat: (clubs Bennettsbridge: Danesfort: St. Fiacre’s: Thomastown

and John Lockes from Central Squad to attend Mullinavat.)

Danesfort: Under-15 North v Under-16 B

Palmerstown: Under-16 A v Under-17

All players are asked to be at their venues and togged out no later than 6.10pm


J.J. Kavanagh & Sons All County JHL semi-final

Ballyragget: O’Loughlin Gaels v Lisdowney (7.30pm)

Ref: Eamon Mansfield (Extra-Time)

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons North JAHC

Jenkinstown: Conahy Shamrocks v Emeralds (8pm)

Ref: John Guinan

Iverk Produce South JAHC (7.30pm)

Hugginstown: Carrickshock v Rower-Inistioge

Ref: John Bennett

Tullogher: Tullogher-Rosbercon v Thomastown

Ref: Raymond Byrne

Kilmacow: Kilmacow v Ballyhale Shamrocks

Ref: Thomas Duggan

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons North JBHC

Freshford: St. Lachtain’s v Galmoy (7.30pm)

Ref: Sean Brennan

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons Kevin Fennelly Cup semi-final

Cloneen: Cloneen v James Stephens (7.30pm)

Ref: Pat Hayes (Extra-Time)

Duggan Steel Under-16 HL

Gowran: Young Irelands v Dicksboro (7pm)

Ref: Paul Hunston


J.J. Kavanagh & Sons North JAHC (ALL 8pm)

Muckalee: St Martin’s v Lisdowney

Ref: Ger O’Grady

Freshford: St Lachtain’s v Young Irelands

Ref: Gay Rafter

Johnstown: Fenians v Graigue Ballycallan

Ref: Peter Burke

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons North JBHC (ALL 7.30pm)

Larchfield: James Stephens v Bennettsbridge

Ref: Sean Cleere

Palmerstown: Dicksboro v Barrow Rangers

Ref: Paddy Neary

Danesfort: Danesfort v O’Loughlin Gaels

Ref: Julian O’Dwyer

Country Style Foods South JBHC (ALL 7.30pm)

Piltown: Piltown v Rower-Inistioge

Ref: John Kennedy

Windgap: Windgap v Mooncoin

Ref: Jim Fitzgerald

Mullinavat: Mullinavat v Carrickshock

Ref: Willie Kearney

Carrigeen: Carrigeen v John Lockes

Ref: Raymond Byrne

Duggan Steel Under-16 HL (ALL 7.30pm)

Larchfield: James Stephens v Ballyhale Shamrocks

Ref: Eamon Mansfield

Slieverue: Slieverue v O’Loughlin Gaels

Ref: Paul Whelan

Paulstown: Barrow Rangers v John Lockes

Ref: Sean Brennan

Mooncoin: Mooncoin v Glenmore

Ref: Gavin Quilty

Palmerstown: Dicksboro v Rower-Inistioge

Ref: Eamon Larkin

Thomastown: Thomastown v Tullogher-Rosbercon

Ref: Dominic Connolly

Canon Kearns Park: Erin’s Own v Danesfort

Ref: Pat Hayes

Dunnamaggin: Dunnamaggin v Clara

Ref: Thomas Duggan

Piltown: Piltown v Bennettsbridge

Ref: Michael O’Sullivan

Jenkinstown: Conahy Shamrocks v Tullaroan

Ref: John Guinan

Coon: St Martin’s v St Fiacre’s

Ref: Ollie O’Neill

Tom Ryall Park: Graigue-Ballycallan v Lisdowney

Ref: Denis O’Sullivan

Urlingford: Emeralds v Cloneen/Railyard

Ref: Eugene Ryan

Galmoy: Galmoy/Windgap v Emeralds

Ref: Podge Butler

Hugginstown: Carrickshock v Mullinavat

Ref: Peter Kenny

Féile na nGael Division One Hurling

Patrickswell: Tobar Phádraig v O’Loughlin Gaels (3pm)


GAA All-Ireland SHC Phase II

Nowlan Park: Kilkenny v Tipperary (7pm)

Ref: Brian Gavin (Extra-Time)

Féile na nGael Division One Hurling

Mungret: Mungret St Paul’s v O’Loughlin Gaels (11am)

Mungret: Holycross/Ballycahill v O’Loughlin Gaels (2pm)

Leinster Under-14 Féile (10.30am)

Venues: Ballyhale, Tullaroan, John Lockes Park, Piltown, Larchfield, Tom Ryall Park, Palmerstown, Clara, Paulstown, Páirc na Ratha, Mooncoin, Mullinavat, Thomastown, Canon Kearns Park, Johnstown.


St Canice’s Credit Union Byrne Cup HL

Canon Kearns Park: Erin’s Own v Emeralds (7pm)

Ref: Paddy Bowden

Iverk Produce South JAHC

Páirc na Ratha: Glenmore v Tullogher-Rosbercon (7pm)

Ref: Richard Dowling

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons North JBHC

Jenkinstown: Conahy Shamrocks v Cloneen (7pm)

Ref: John Guinan

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons North JBHL final

Clara: St Patrick’s v Blacks & Whites (11.30am)

Ref: Paul Hunston (Extra-Time)


Kilkenny Honda Centre Minor HL

Lisdowney: Piltown v Lisdowney (7.30pm)

Ref: Gavin Quilty

Duggan Steel Under-16 HL (ALL 7.30pm)

Callan CBS: John Lockes v Slieverue

Ref: Willie Kearney

St John’s Park: O’Loughlin Gaels v Mooncoin

Ref: Sean Brennan

Inistioge: Rower-Inistioge v Barrow Rangers

Ref: John Bennett

Páirc na Ratha: Glenmore v James Stephens

Ref: Patrick Dunphy

Ballyhale: Ballyhale Shamrocks v Dicksboro

Ref: Thomas Duggan

Kilmacow: Kilmacow v Thomastown

Ref: Peter Kenny

Larchfield: James Stephens v Erin’s Own

Ref: Peter Burke

Tullogher: Tullogher-Rosbercon v St Lachtain’s

Ref: Dominic Connolly

Danesfort: Danesfort v Dunnamaggin

Ref: Michael O’Sullivan

Mullinavat: Mullinavat v Young Irelands

Ref: Julian O’Dwyer

Urlingford: Emeralds v Carrickshock

Ref: Eugene Ryan

Johnstown: Fenians v Cloneen/Railyard

Ref: Podge Butler

Duggan Steel Under-14 HL

Paulstown: Barrow Rangers v Glenmore (7.30pm)

Ref: Eoin Hayes


J.J. Kavanagh & Sons North JBHC

Threecastles: Threecastles v James Stephens (8pm)

Ref: John Guinan

Bennettsbridge: Bennettsbridge v Conahy Shamrocks (8pm)

Ref: John Walsh

Paulstown: Barrow Rangers v Danesfort (8pm)

Ref: Shem Gibbons

Clara: Clara v Dicksboro (8pm)

Ref: John Minogue

Canon Kearns Park: Erin’s Own v St Lachtain’s (7.30pm)

Ref: Eamon Larkin

Country Style Foods South JBHC (ALL 7.30pm)

Graignamanagh: Graignamanagh v Windgap

Ref: John Bennett

Mooncoin: Mooncoin v Piltown

Ref: Raymond Byrne

Slieverue: Slieverue v Carrigeen

Ref: Thomas Duggan

John Locke Park: John Lockes v Mullinavat

Ref: Willie Kearney

Duggan Steel Under-16 HL

Palmerstown: Dicksboro v O’Loughlin Gaels (7.30pm)

Ref: James Barry

Wednesday, July 10

BGE Leinster Under-21 HC final

Wexford Park: Wexford v Kilkenny (7.30pm)

GAA Results

Leinster SHC semi-final replay

Dublin 1-16, Kilkenny 0-16

BGE Leinster Under-21 HC semi-final

Kilkenny 1-19, Offaly 1-13

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons JHL

Slieverue 0-16, Windgap 2-8

Mullinavat 0-16, Tullaroan 1-9

St Canice’s Credit Union Byrne Cup HL

Ballyhale Shamrocks 0-21, St Patrick’s 2-13

Clara 3-21, Dunnamaggin 1-11

Rower-Inistioge 1-23, Graigue-Ballycallan 1-14

Dunnamaggin 4-13, St Patrick’s 3-9

Conahy Shamrocks 2-14, Tullaroan 3-9

Erin’s Own 1-17, St Lachtain’s 1-6

Michael Lyng Motors Aylward Cup HL

James Stephens 3-16, Tullogher-Rosbercon 2-14

Young Irelands 1-10, Danesfort 0-10

O’Loughlin Gaels 4-17, Mullinavat 0-14

St Martin’s 0-13, Mooncoin 0-9

Dicksboro 4-10, Glenmore 0-12

Carrickshock 1-14, Thomastown 0-17

Young Irelands 2-15, Tullogher-Rosbercon 0-19

Iverk Produce South JAHC

Thomastown 2-8, Carrickshock 0-13

Rower-Inistioge 2-21, Kilmacow 1-7

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons North JAHL final

Young Irelands 0-14, Fenians 1-9

J.J. Kavanagh & Sons North JBHC

James Stephens w/o, Cloneen scr

Bennettsbridge 4-17, Threecastles 0-10

O’Loughlin Gaels 1-21, Dicksboro 0-15

Blacks & Whites 2-19, Erin’s Own 2-15

Galmoy 1-8, St Patrick’s 1-8

Barrow Rangers 3-20, Clara 0-15

Country Style Foods South JBHC

Windgap 0-16, Rower-Inistioge 0-11

Slieverue 4-10, John Lockes 1-10

Carrickshock 8-13, Carrigeen 2-10

Joe Walsh Cup quarter-final

St Lachtain’s 0-15, Conahy Shamrocks 1-11

Kilkenny Honda Centre Minor HL

Danesfort 0-18, Clara 1-12

Fenians 3-12, Kilmacow 0-9

Tullogher-Rosbercon 0-22, James Stephens 1-7

Duggan Steel Under-16 HL

Cloneen/Railyard 3-10, Galmoy/Windgap 4-7

Erin’s Own 11-14, Clara 2-1

Dicksboro 3-11, Glenmore 1-8

Graigue-Ballycallan 5-10, Erin’s Own 3-5

Tullogher-Rosbercon 2-15, Kilmacow 2-5

Thomastown 5-14,James Stephens B 1-10

St Lachtain’s 3-8, Danesfort 2-7

Bennettsbridge 1-12, Tullaroan 2-19

Graigue-Ballycallan 0-18,St Fiacre’s 1-6

St Martin’s 1-18, Conahy Shamrocks 1-12

Galmoy/Windgap 6-17, Carrickshock 0-6

Young Irelands 3-11, Fenians 0-13