Clubs are taking a huge risk

Kilkenny GAA clubs have been warned that they are taking a massive risk by not having teams and players properly registered.

Kilkenny GAA clubs have been warned that they are taking a massive risk by not having teams and players properly registered.

Registration and insurance cover are linked. Without the first, the former doesn’t apply, County Board chairman Ned Quinn, warned at Monday’s monthly meeting of the County Board.

“This is very serious,” Mr Quinn stressed. “The GAA won’t pay out on insurance claims to players if clubs haven’t everything in place in relation to registration.”

Nearly 30 clubs have been involved in football league action in recent weeks, and it appears that many of the players weren’t registered by their clubs. And with the hurling competitions due to swing into action next month, the Mooncoin official said clubs had better get a move on.

“Unregistered players are not covered by the GAA insurance,” Mr Quinn told delegates. “The issue may have been overlooked or put on the back burner, but you better take it off the back burner.”

He went through a list that showed a mere seven players were registered with one senior club; two others had one adult registered; another outfit had 17 registered. There were four clubs who had no one at all registered.

Last year there were nearly 12,200 people registered as GAA members in Kilkenny. Up to Monday night, that figure was down to below 6,100.

Without adequate insurance cover, clubs could be vulnerable in the event of a player receiving a bad injury.

Meanwhile, the ’Board has decided that the roof of the old stand at Nowlan Park damaged during last month’s Storm Darwin will be replaced by a modern new structure. There will be less pillars, which should benefit the view for spectators.

The new roof will be supported by just two pillars, one at either end of the stand. The two pillars in the middle will be removed.

“Wednesday, February 12 was a serious day for us when the storm struck,” Mr Quinn said. “In trying times were received tremendous support and understanding from the Local Authority, our neighbours in the area, the contractor and specialists who carried out the work of removing the damaged asbestos roof. We thank everyone for their help.”

The Mooncoin official said work on the erection of the new roof would not commence until after the Leinster senior hurling championship quarter-final between Kilkenny and Offaly at the ’Park on June 7. Negotiations were on-going with the insurance company over compensation, but that should be sorted within weeks.

The ’Board was awaiting approval after applying to the Local Authority for planning permission to erect a new roof on the stand, which backs on to the O’Loughlin Road.

Bob Aylward (Ballyhale Shamrocks) wondered would it be possible to extend this stand - it is situated in the middle area of the grounds - in either direction.

“It would be lovely to see it done,” he said.

Mr Quinn told delegates that the ’Board would love to do that, but they were turned down for planning permission when the idea was mooted in the past.

He told delegates that because the old roof was built with asbestos, the daily reports on air readings in the area and how the work was progressing was communicated to local householders.

“Thank God no one was injured. That was the main thing,” he concluded.