All aboard for the Dunna’ world record attempt

A KILKENNY GAA club is gearing up to mow its way in the Guinness Book of Records.

A KILKENNY GAA club is gearing up to mow its way in the Guinness Book of Records.

Dunnamaggin GAA club is organising a unique fund-raising event involving ride on lawn mowers, and if set targets are reached the South Kilkenny outfit could make over 50,000 Euro.

“It may be a bit off the wall as an idea to raise money, but we are ready to have a go,” explained club member, Maura Long, who holds the title of PRO of the Dunnamaggin World Record Attempt.

While the event is being hosted by Dunnamaggin, funds raised will go to the GAA club development programme plus the nearby Camphill Community at Ballytobin.

The organisers have set their sights on getting 1,000 ride on lawn mowers operating simultaneously at their club grounds on July 24 (1pm).

Anyone can enter

“Anyone, any club from anywhere can enter,” Ms Long explained. “Individuals, GAA, soccer, rugby, golf, athletic clubs or whoever can be part of the world record attempt.”

Tickets to join the lawn mower drive cost 50 Euro each. Individuals who get involved qualify for a draw with the top prize being a ride on mower to the value of 3,300 Euro.

The main prize is a field mower to the value of 6,000 Euro, which has been supplied by sponsors Husqvarna. In all the company is offering generous sponsorship to the value of 15,000 Euro.

Any club that sells a batch of 10 tickets qualifies for the draw for the main prize, which is the field mower.

“There will be lots more prizes, including holidays, meals and so on,” Maura explained. “We hope to turn the day in one big carnival in the parish.”

Accommodating 1,000 ride on mowers in the one place won’t be a problem, Maura assured. The club has over 30 acres of land available for the challenge, excluding extensive parking areas.

The current record

Apparently the current record stands at 100 ride on mowers working in the one place together. A US group set a record when they got 821 mowers involved in a street parade, but that was different to what Dunnamaggin are trying to achieve.

Dunnamaggin want to have 1,000 machines working together in the one area at the one time, and if all goes well, they might tackle the parade record as well.

The people who supervise records for the Guinness Book need four weeks notice of any attempt. Closer to the date the Dunnamaggin organising committee will be able to furnish them with all the relevant information about what they will be attempting.

“If we get strong support from Kilkenny it could break the back in getting the numbers we need for the attempt,” Maura said. “We are very hopeful. The initial response to the venture has been great.”

The Dunnamaggin World Record Attempt will be launched officially on Thursday in Kilkenny Castle (12 noon). Special guest from the world of sport will include local heroes Noel Hickey and Tommy Walsh, Mick Galwey from the world of rugby, Brendan Cummins (Tipperary), Michael ‘Brick’ Walsh (Waterford) and Larry O’Gorman (Wexford).