All the drama of the draw - the 2012 All-Ireland final, score by exciting score

Sunday’s All-Ireland final was a tense and thrilling affair with plenty of twists, turns and talking points. Here’s how the game unfolded on the clock, score by score.

Sunday’s All-Ireland final was a tense and thrilling affair with plenty of twists, turns and talking points. Here’s how the game unfolded on the clock, score by score.

5 mins: After some tetchy opening exchanges, Kilkenny get off the mark when Henry Shefflin points a free.

8 mins: Galway wait even longer for their opening score. Joe Canning wins a high ball from among a cluster of players, handing it back out to Andy Smith to pop over (KK 0-1, Galway 0-1).

9 mins: GOAL! Following a long clearance from James Skehill, James Regan wins possession and palms it off to Canning. Breaking in from the right he skips past Paul Murphy, dodges the oncoming Tommy Walsh, and fires a low shot beyond the diving David Herity (0-1, 1-1).

11 mins: Canning follows up his goal with a point from midfield. The roaming full-forward rushes out to the centre to take down Brian Hogan’s clearance and fire it over the Canal End crossbar.

15 minutes: CHANCE! Kilkenny full-back J.J. Delaney wins the ball - out on his own 65m line! - and drives it towards the Hill 16 posts but T.J. Reid is fouled before he can grab a point. From the resulting free Shefflin gives Galway a fright when he goes for goal from close range, but his effort is turned out for a 65 by corner-back Johnny Coen. The 65 is driven wide, much to the delight of Galway fans.

18 minutes: It’s Jackie Tyrrell’s turn to break away from his corner, following his man outfield. One lengthy clearance from the 65 is snapped up by Aidan Fogarty, who cleverly releases Richie Hogan to grab a point, Kilkenny’s first score in 13 minutes.

19 mins: Back come Galway. Niall Burke is fouled after fielding James Skehill’s booming puck-out. Canning points the free.

20 mins: Canning free.

22 mins: Another massive Skehill puck-out is caught by Niall Burke. The half-forward bursts through and grabs a point.

24 mins: With both goalkeepers getting plenty of distance on their puck-outs, it’s Kilkenny’s turn to profit. Reid wins a long Herity delivery on the 45m line, turning his man and splitting the posts.

26 mins: Burke wins a breaking ball but is fouled by Tommy Walsh. Canning points the free.

28 mins: Some excellent inter-play involving Andy Smith, Damien Hayes and Cyril Donnellan ends with Niall Donoghue working a scoring angle. Galway, all fired up, now lead by seven points (0-3, 1-7).

30 mins: Tony Og Regan tries to field a high ball but the sliotar slips through his fingers. Shefflin snaps it up and sets up Eoin Larkin for the point.

31 mins: J.J. Delaney gets a yellow card for a foul on Damien Hayes. Canning scores the free.

33 mins: David Collins concedes a silly free for overcarrying the ball. Shefflin takes the point from a 30-metre free.

34 mins: Another Shefflin free, this time after the ball is brought forward.

35+1 mins: Johnny Coen is yellow-carded for a foul on Colin Fennelly. Another Shefflin free, his third in succession, leaves Kilkenny just four points behind (0-7, 1-8).

35+2 mins: Donnellan wins a long ball and sends Smith crashing through, but his shot is well saved by Herity. Kilkenny fail to clear the ball to safety, Herity conceding a free which Canning slots over from an acute angle to bring his first half tally to 1-6.

HALF-TIME: Kilkenny 0-7, Galway 1-9.

36 mins: Galway captain Fergal Moore follows Coen into the book after fouling Richie Power. Shefflin adds the point from the free.

37 mins: Niall Burke replies with a point for Galway.

39 mins: Niall Donoghue plays a poor ball out of defence, going straight to Richie Hogan. He sends it down the line to Reid, who duly points it.

41 mins: Richie Power grabs a point, but only after his colleagues fight for it having watched one umpire wave the sliotar wide while the other reaches for the white flag. The score is eventually given, referee Barry Kelly intervening to make the call.

45 mins: Richie Power shows great speed to chase down Niall Donoghue and win possession before the Galway back can pick up the sliotar. Power is fouled before he can get away, giving Shefflin a simple free.

49 mins: With the Kilkenny backs isolating Canning on his own, Galway are forced on the back-foot. Brian Hogan is beginning to dominate at the back for the Cats, sending a long ball downfield for Aidan Fogarty to point.

51 mins: Another booming Brian Hogan clearance is picked off by Shefflin. The Ballyhale man gets away from Kevin Hynes, wriggling away to point the equaliser. The score, Shefflin’s first (and only) point from play, is met with a huge roar from the Kilkenny fans, almost as loudly as if their side had grabbed a goal (0-13, 1-10).

53 mins: Jackie Tyrrell is fouled while trying to clear a ball out of defence. An in-form Shefflin comes back to take the free and, from his own 65m line, fires it over the Canal End bar. It’s Kilkenny’s first lead since the fifth minute - Galway, for their part, have notched up five wides since their first and only score of the half (0-14, 1-10).

55 mins: GOAL! Galway find the perfect reply. While coming out to meet a high ball Brian Hogan collides with a defensive colleague, leaving Niall Burke free to pick up the loose sliotar. He doesn’t pass up on the chance, speeding in to fire a low shot beyond Herity (0-14, 2-10.

57 mins: T.J. Reid is fouled on the 45m line. Shefflin points the free.

59 mins: CHANCE! Shefflin takes down Tyrrell’s crossfield ball and sends Colin Fennelly barrelling through on goal. He lets fly with a shot, but his effort is brilliantly stopped by Skehill. The goalkeeper lies on the ball, giving Shefflin a close-range free he opts to fire over to level the game again (0-16, 2-10).

61 mins: Brian Hogan catches a long Galway delivery and feeds it to Larkin, who points the Cats ahead again (0-17, 2-10).

62 mins: After a quiet half, Canning successfully converts a free to level the game.

64 mins: Canning makes it two from two, moving back into his own half to take a free and edge Galway ahead again (0-17, 2-12).

66 mins: Anything Canning can do, so too can Shefflin. He bags a free from his own 65 after Andy Smith fouls Richie Hogan.

67 mins: PENALTY! Skehill rushes out to meet Paul Murphy’s clearance but Larkin is first to the bouncing ball. The Galway keeper slides in and upends Larkin, giving away the penalty. Shefflin runs as if to strike for goal, but takes the point instead (0-19, 2-12).

69 mins: Galway have a great chance to draw level when Canning stands over a free inside the 45m line, but drives his shot wide.

70+1 mins: A Skehill puck-out skids past Tommy Walsh and into Iarla Tannian’s possession. He has time to look at the posts, but fails to level the game. Kilkenny are hanging on (0-19, 2-12).

70+2 mins: The pressure is on Galway now. Tannian drills a sideline cut towards sub Davy Glennon, who wins a soft free from Tyrrell. Canning has one last chance and takes it, getting Galway out of jail and setting up a September 30 replay.

FINAL SCORE: Kilkenny 0-19, Galway 2-13.