A first for Windgap, and Quinn win repeats 1929 election

THERE were two major votes at County GAA Board Convention.

THERE were two major votes at County GAA Board Convention.

In the first out-going secretary, Ned Quinn (Mooncoin) beat out-going vice-chairman, Pat Dunphy (Rower-Inistioge) for the chair. The vote was 121 to 21.

In the second vote, Jimmy Walsh (Windgap) beat out-going chairman, Pat Kinsella (St Martin’s) for the role of secretary. The vote was 88-54.

All the other positions were filled without a contest.

In his acceptance speech, Ned Quinn thanked everyone who supported him and said it was a great honour for himself, his family and the Mooncoin club to be elected to the highest office in Kilkenny for the second time.

It was the first time since 1929 when Sean Gibbons (Clomonto) was elected that someone had been voted into the position as chairman for the second time.

He thanked Pat Dunphy for standing, and said it was important to have elections. He said Mr Dunphy had served the GAA well over a good number of years, and he would so again in the future.

Mr Dunphy offered congratulations to the new chairman, and said he felt it was very important that positions were contested. He said he was on the County Board since 1977 - 35 years - and he served under great chairmen, Michael O’Neill, Tommy Murphy, Paddy Buggy, Nickey Brennan, John Helay and Ned Quinn.

“There was a wealth of experience there, and I learned from all those great men,” he said.

The new secretary, Jimmy Walsh, the first Windgap man to hold the position, said it wsa a fabulous honour to be nominated for the job, but to be elected was wonderful entirely. He came into the fold during the reign of Ted Carroll as secretary, and Mr Carroll helped “coax and coach us” at that time. He described the man he stood against, Paul Kinsella as “a fabulous officer” and he lauded him on the way he helped build up the county from Schools Board level right to the top.

“For me this is a dream come true,” he admitted. “I have been involved in the GAA a long, long time. “The respect is there throughout the country for Kilkenny, but then again everything the people here have been doing is class, top class. It didn’t just happen.

“Taking on this job is a huge challenge for me, but I am looking forward to it. I have always been a team worker, and I look forward to working more closely with the best officals in the country now,” the Windap official insisted.

Officers elected – Paddy Buggy, Slieverue (president); Ned Quinn, Mooncoin (chairman); Conor Denieffe, O’Loughlin Gaels (vice-chairman); Jimmy Walsh, Windgap (secretary); Barry Hickey, John Lockes (treasurer); Ray Anthony (auditor); Val Malone, James Stephens (Development Officer); Seamus Reade, Thomastown (PRO); John Comerford, Young Irelands (Coaching Officer); Sean Breathnach (Irish Officer).

Delegates – Paul Kinsella, St Martin’s (Central Council); Ned Buggy, Dicksboro and John Lacey, St Patrick’s (Leinster Council); delegates to Leinster Convention (3), Paddy Gaule, Tullogher Rosbercon and John Lacey and third to be appointed; delegates to Congress (2), Barry Hickey and Michael Shortall, Barrow Rangers.

There were six Recommendations down for discussion, but no motions. Recommendations have no real standing, and are mere suggestions relating to the running of games, the make up of committees or such that can be taken up or rejected by a normal meeting of the County Board.