Inistioge brought to its knees by Nore

Only in the coming days will the full extent of the damage caused to Inistioge by the flooding of last week be realised.

Lives have been ruined, the Rower-Inistioge GAA club among the worst victims as its new pitches were submerged under water to the height of the cross-bar.

Residents expressed anger that perennial issues have not been addressed.

The main road with New Ross was closed, the Woodstock walk was flooded and it was painful to watch the river waters, bolstered by the tide creep up the street in minutes, not hours, leading to flooding and all the pain that involves - the silt, the smell, the sewage, the damp, the lack of insurance, the cold, the need to depend on others, the helplessness.....

Add in the absence of any real answers and the lack of hope that a solution can be found and you have devastation.

The problem with Inistioge is that it is tidal and this only added to the problems experienced by those living there.

And luckily no one was killed on Wednesday morning when a tree came crashing down on the Rock Road, (back road to Thomastown by Carrickmourne).

County council workers did a magnificent job in clearing the road after the mudslide that left a small, temporary waterfall in its wake.

Looking over the bridge it was frightening to see the speed with which wheelie bins, life buoys, pieces of plastic and wood were carried along by the flood.

Cllr Michael Doyle has called for an emergency plan to be put in place in time for the next flood.