Dogs at risk as shelter is full to capacity

Dogs at risk as shelter is full to capacity

The dog shelter at Paulstown is full to capacity and people are desperately needed to foster and adopt dogs.

During 2015 the number of dogs entering the dog shelter had reduced significantly with in excess of 90% of all dogs entering being rehomed or reclaimed. However the number of dogs now housed at the dog shelter has exceeded capacity and despite close co-operation with dog rescue groups rehoming can not keep up with the rate of entry of new dogs.

“We are appealing for the assistance of the public in rehoming dogs at this time and ask anyone interested in providing a home for a dog to call to the dog shelter at Paulstown where staff can assist with information on the dogs currently available and advise on suitability for particular home environments. The service is under severe post Christmas pressure,” said a spokesperson for Kilkenny County Council.

“We also appealing to all dog owners to take necessary steps to prevent straying of dogs and unwanted puppies.

“Responsible dog ownership is the only way to reduce unwanted dog numbers at our dog shelter.

“Please licence, vaccinate, micro chip and neuter your dog to ensure their safety, welfare and return.

Chairman of the Animal Welfare Committee, Cllr Andrew McGuinness also appealed to the local community to engage in responsible dog ownership and for those wanting a pet a to consider adopting a rescue dog.

"Despite having a great year in terms of re-homing, we have seen an influx of dogs at the shelter after Christmas.

“Many of the dogs are unwanted gifts and in need of new homes urgently," said Cllr Andrew McGuiness, Chairman of the Animal Welfare Committee.

"I'm appealing to those of your readers who may be considering getting a dog to come visit the shelter and see some of the beautiful friendly dogs that are crying out for a loving family.

"As a result of the post-Christmas influx, the shelter has become under pressure to house all of the animals and we are desperately seeking homes for these dogs as soon as possible,” he said.

Currently there are over 20 dogs available for adoption at the Carlow/Kilkenny dog shelter.

For more information contact (059) 9726785.