State-of-the-art room perfect way to mark 50 years for school

State-of-the-art room perfect way to mark 50 years for school

Mayor of Kilkenny Joe Malone was on hand on Tuesday last to cut the ribon on the new IT and computer room at the Mother of Fair Love school.

The interactive whiteboards and laptop devices were enthusiastically demonstrated on the night by the students to a delighted crowd of well over 100 parents, children, staff and members of the Rotary Club of Kilkenny. It was a particularly fitting boost for the school, which celebrates its 50th year this year.

Rotary Kilkenny, through their involvement with the International Rotary Foundation, secured a matching grant to go towards funding the equipment in the amount of €10,000.

Current president of Kilkenny Rotary Anselm Molloy paid tribute to all the Kilkenny Rotary members and, in particular, past president Joe Mulhall for his diligent work in securing the fundingt. Mr Molloy also gave great credit to the school’s Parents Association, the school management, the staff and the Department of Education.

“I'm sure that everyone here this evening is more than aware of the fantastic work by the staff, teachers and of course the students in the Mother of Fair Love School,” he said.

“Founded in the 1960s by Dr Peter Birch, the school assists children and young adults throughout their critical formative years, helping to prepare them for dealing with a wider society that can be challenging at times. The school is a truly unique resource for our community in Kilkenny, in the level of education and support provided to the students and families, from the start of primary school, right through to third level and even career placement.”

Although Rotary Kilkenny has a relationship with the school which stretches back over 35 years, Mr Molloy informed the attendees on the night that this particular project was instigated after a visit by principal Marion Curran, to the Kilkenny Club in 2014.

“I have a vivid memory of your principal, Marian Curran, coming to speak to our members in Kilkenny Rotary about the work of the teachers and staff here in the school,” he said.

“During her visit to the club, Marion simply and very humbly outlined to our members just some of the challenges faced by the school in relation to funding, facilities and equipment. While Marion did not seek any assistance, her words touched us all with their sincerity, and prompted an immediate reaction from our members of 'how can we help'.”

Ms Curran sincerely thanked Kilkenny Rotary for their support and professionalism in helping to bring this project to fruition. She noted that all she had intended at the initial meeting with Rotary back in 2014 was to bring the message of the Mother of Fair Love school to the wider Kilkenny Community.

Ms Curran emphasised that the new IT equipment was already greatly improving student education and stressed the importance to the staff and also the students, to have such modern resources now in their school.

Ms Curran also took the opportunity to remind the attendees that the school is celebrating 50 years in existence this year, and that through this project and ceremonial night she was delighted to be able to share the ethos of the school with wider Kilkennycommunity allow the children to display their skills to their community also.

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