First count in Carlow-Kilkenny election

No candidate was elected in the first count at the Carlow-Kilkenny

Result of the first count in Carlow-Kilkenny - No candidate elected

Valid poll 70,009

Spoiled votes 505

Quota 11,669

Bobby Aylward (FF) 9,366

Pat Deering (FG) 6,562

David Fitzgerald (FG) 5,017

Kath Funchion (SF) 8,700

Keith Gilligan (Ind) 456

Conor MacLiam (AAA) 1120

Paddy Manning (Ind) 1,078

J McGuinness (FF) 10,528

Pat McKee (Renua) 2,483

MurnaneO'Connor(FF) 8,373

M Noonan (Greens) 2,621

Ann Phelan (Lab) 4,391

John P Phelan (FG) 7,568

A Wallace (PBP) 1,582

Nowl G Walsh (Ind) 164


Noel G Walsh

Keith Gilligan