Education Centre launches 1916 website X

Education Centre launches 1916 website X

As the 2016 celebrations to mark Ireland’s Centenary events begin, one group that is playing its part is Kilkenny Education Centre.

For the past two years a group of teachers have been working on the development of resources for schools, specifically on the issue of Kilkenny’s interests and influences during the Decade of Commemoration. This work culminated in the development of a website covering the period 1912-1922 and life in Kilkenny at the time.

A great night of excitement took place in Kilkenny County Hall on Monday last to mark the launch of the website for schools entitled From Subjects to Citizens. Songs such as 'It’s a long Way to Tipperary' and 'Óró sé do bheath abhaile' were sung live. The chamber was packed as the council hosted children, parents, teachers, and friends from Carlow, Kilkenny and Tipperary.

Director of Kilkenny Education Centre, Paul Fields, highlighted the work that the Education Centre has been engaged in.

“We have developed resources for teachers , and indeed the general public, through the creation and development of a new website, From Subjects to Citizens,” he told those in attendance.

“The website focuses on life in Kilkenny during this period of Irish history, and how a national movement impacted on that life at the time. We look at issues such as transport, entertainment, employment, newspapers, advertisements, as well as significant people and events of the time.”