Celebrating International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women's Day

An exciting and eclectic series of events took place earlier this week to mark International Women's Day.

On Monday Price Waterhouse Coopers organised a networking lunch for ladies at the Pembroke Hotel.

Meanwhile on March 8 a number of events took place across the city

At MacDonagh Junction there was a coffee morning followed by an introduction to International Women’s Day made by several local women.

I’d Like to tell her... was a wonderful, collaborative project which encouraged people to leave positive messages for women in their lives by completing the sentence "I'd like to tell her...". Chalkboards will be positioned in the shopping centre and participants are asked to complete the sentence in any positive way they feel inspired to.

This year the ladies of Project Women returned with This Laundry Life, a short site inspired performance revealing the emotional and domestic labours of women. It takes place at 1pm in MacDonagh Junction.

Later in the day women were invited to say a few words in their own language.

Centre Manager, Marion Acreman said she was delighted to host a number of the events.

“MacDonagh Junction was proud to host a large range of IWD.

“The theme for IWD 2016 was "Pledge for Parity" and as MacDonagh Junction prides itself on being a workplace that promotes equality, fairness and fosters an atmosphere of support for its team it was very appropriate to celebrate IWD in the centre's historic Workhouse Square.

“We are fortunate that Kilkenny benefits from having talented women in many senior positions in the city and county making decisions that in turn make Kilkenny a better place to live.

“Women and men in equal measure have a very important role to play in all walks of life and the recognition of peoples abilities and achieving equal financial reward as a result, regardless of gender, are paramount in order to continue reducing disparity.

“IWD gives a platform to identify and discuss and promote gender parity on a day dedicated to women in every country in the world.

“The local groups involved brought theatre, music, support and social experimentation throughout the day,” added Ms Acreman.