City boss Pellegrini checks out local property

City boss Pellegrini checks out local property

One of the highest paid sports coaches in the world visited Kilkenny city over the Easter weekend.

Manuel Pellegrini, manager of the Manchester city soccer club was in Kilkenny last weekend on a flying visit after being invited over by a close friend. He also visited Cork

However, the 63-year-old was so taken with the city that he may be now on the look-out for a holiday home in the Marble city.

Pellegrini who looked relaxed during his stay, chatted amicably with staff at the four star Pembroke hotel, Patrick Street where he stayed.

He told one resident of Patrick Street that he would be very interested in a holiday home in the city but had no immediate plans to do so.

He is leaving the Manchester club at the end of the current season in May, despite having led the Blues to the English Premiership title last year.

He is understood to have secured a severance package of up to £8 million.

And while his name has been linked to a number of clubs across Europe for next season, he spent a lot of time checking out properties in the city, and in particular, Ed Donohoe's premises, just a few yards up from the Pembroke.

Mr Pellegrini was a well known soccer player in his day and before going to Manchester city, was in charge of a number of Spanish clubs, including Real Madrid.