'Swim for a Mile' at Watershed is a tremendous success

'Swim for a Mile' at Watershed is a tremendous success

Last Friday, 126 local swimmers took part in the Swim for a Mile at the Watershed, Kilkenny.

The event was organised by Swim Ireland and facilitated locally by the Kilkenny Recreation & Sports Partnership, Kilkenny Swimming Club and The Watershed.

Kilkenny was one of 13 locations throughout Ireland chosen to host the event. Last year, the Watershed hosted its very first Swim for a Mile and Kilkenny had a very successful turnout - which only got better in 2016.

Each swimmer was required to swim for a distance of 1 mile or 64 lengths of the pool.

Those participating ranged in age from 24 to 71 years, with the fastest swim taking 24.06 mins and the longest 1 hour and 4 minutes.

Many of the participants had been training for the event since December, with special training sessions coached every Friday evening by Pat Boyd.

Throughout the evening, swimmers battled to finish the gruelling 64 length swim. The event witnessed some inspiring and courageous swims by swimmers, many of whom had never tackled this distance before.

This is the second year that the event was hosted in Kilkenny with a 33% increase over last year in the numbers participating.

Organisers are hopeful that Kilkenny can host the event again next year.