ETB schools put best foot forward with 1916 celebrations

ETB schools put best foot forward with 1916 celebrations

Students from Kilkenny and Carlow Education and Training Board (KCETB) schools recently took part in two different 1916-themed events, as part of celebrating the centenary year.

The schools have been communicating and working together to ensure their students learn, experience and benefit from the celebrations that have been planned not only in their school, but across the Kilkenny-Carlow region.

The first was an inter-school quiz, involving all schools across the ETB. Questions were based on events of the 1916 Rising.

It was a wonderful occasion for the schools to come together across the KCETB to honour the men and women of 1916. The students enjoyed meeting their counterparts from the other schools and the excitement and energy created was palpable.

The second event also involved all the Kilkenny and Carlow ETB schools, and was organised by Principal of Kilkenny City Vocational School Cathy McSorley and Deputy Principal of Carlow Vocational School Dr Nigel Quirke-Bolt.

Each of the 13 KCETB schools were invited to the Woodford Dolmen Hotel, Carlow on April 22, to share and display their work commemorating the 1916 Rising.

Chief Executive Cynthia Deane welcomed everyone and spoke about the importance of the 1916 Proclamation and its relevance to today's society. She urged the students to find the happy balance between idealism and the reality of daily life, between honouring the legacy of the past and making sure not to be trapped by it, between individual ambition and the collective good.

Guest speaker Martin Nevin spoke about the relevance and importance of the events of 1916 and the centrality of the role that women played to the packed and enthusiastic audience.

The enthusiasm and energy from the students was infectious as they presented the projects they had undertaken and the events that were organised in their schools in this centenary year. Presentations included a rich and colourful snapshot of the creative and dynamic work carried out across the Kilkenny-Carlow ETB region.

The events was closed by Ms Deane and Councillor Mary Hilda Cavanagh, who were both inspired by the wealth and diverse interpretations in the celebrations, and congratuled all the students and teachers in the schools of KCETB.