New Ross bypass: Pink Rock Road to close for a year

New Ross bypass: Pink Rock Road to close for a year

South Kilkenny's Pink Rock Road will be closed for a full year to through traffic, as work gets under way on the New Ross bypass.

Contingency measures will be put in place to facilitate local access.

At the May meeting of Piltown Municipal District, acting director of services Simon Walton reminded the members that it is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) contract, which had been awarded to a consortium back in January.

“Since it was awarded, they are at the mobilisation stage," he said.

“The main site compound and offices are being prepared.”

Ecological surveys for the route will be taking place, while the contractor has to develop environmental and quality management plans. Consultation has been ongoing over the last number of weeks with a number of different bodies, including the relevant local authorities, Irish Rail, Inland Fisheries, and An Garda Sicochana.

Surveys of the road network are to be carried out, while other surveys are also being under taken with a view to monitor how water quality and nearby properties may be affected.

Substantial site clearance and a boundary fence will be proceeding this year.

In regard to the Piltown Municipal District, a 'substantial portion' of the Pink Rock Road will have to be closed for a period of around one year.

This closure has previously been advertised, and no submissions were received on it.

It is expected the closure will last from early June of this year to June 6, 2017.

There will be some local access. This is being done to facilitate works at the Barrow Bridge.

"We will talk to the organisers of the Pink Rock 10k, to facilitate them where possible. The dialogue will continue,” said Mr Walton.

He added that the estimated completion date for the scheme is January of 2019.

“It's a big scheme. We will provide members with further updates as they arise.”

Cllr Ger Frisby said the investigations needed to allay the concerns of local land and property owners.

"I have been phoned by a number of people in relation to where the structural surveys are being carried out," he said.

"There are concerns there."