A hospital we can be proud of with €21 million spent

A hospital we can be proud of with €21 million spent
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The new wing of St Luke's hospital is bright, spacious and equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is an integrated emergency department which also has The Admissions Office, the Susie Long Day Services Unit and the Dr Jim Mahon Library and Education Centre.

The Acute Medical Assessment Unit (AMAU) and the Oncology Day Ward opened in April.

The Switch Board and Reception Area open today (Wednesday).

The Emergency Department (ED) will be adjacent to the Acute Medical Assessment Unit. Previous to this, the departments were at opposite ends of the hospital. Patients will be assessed by a triage nurse and will be directed to the appropriate unit (either the ED or AMAU) making it more patient focused and efficient.

The new Emergency Department is divided up into a resuscitation area (for the extremely ill presentations) a majors area and a minors/Paediatric area.

There will be three bays in the resuscitation area, eight in the major injuries area and six in the minor injuries area.

However sombre, a special room has been provided for families to spend time with their loved ones who have passed away in the department.

There is a new 24-hour security office at the Emergency Department waiting area. This should provide reassurance to patients and their families.

The Paediatric (Children's) Waiting Area looks really well and complies with the National Emergency Medicine Programme standards. It is added reassurance for parents that their children will not be exposed to unnecessary situations. It is away from the general waiting area. It is a bright space with wall mounted activities for children, to occupy them while they are waiting.

There is also a new information system for patients in the waiting room. This screen will provide information on processes and procedures in the department and will help them to understand how the department works and what they can expect during their time there. There is a also a new intercom system throughout the new department to help the flow of communication.

The new ED will also have a dedicated Gynaecology treatment room and a Plaster room - both with specialised equipment.

The Resuscitation Area is bigger than our existing casualty. The fit-out of this room cannot be underestimated in terms of the high spec and specialised equipment that it contains. It truly is state-of-the-art. The space will allow the patient to be treated in an enhanced environment with dignity and privacy.

Dr David Maritz, ED Consultant has worked in many hospitals in Britain and around the worked and said the new ED and the Resuscitations the best he has seen and will provide patients with a better service and staff with better working conditions.

Patients can access the unit from the new hospital entrance, which is facing the car-park, or by the Emergency Department walk-in entrance from the Freshford Road.

Patients travelling as passengers in cars can be dropped off and collected at the new hospital entrance where there is a ‘set down’ facility. Patients requiring treatment at night may access the department via the new Emergency Department walk-in entrance.