Graignamanagh - The perfect summer spot


Graignamanagh - The perfect summer spot

Forget Tramore, Dunmore East and the rest, if you want a safe and exciting swimming spot then Graignamanagh is the place to go.

Plunge into the clean and slow flowing River Barrow (which it seems is ever so slightly tidal) from the low diving board on the quay and get lost in the peacefulness - the bird song, the trees, the scenery....

The water is beautiful, the surroundings wonderful and the people warm and friendly.

It's about 35 minutes in the car from Kilkenny city, through Gowran and for me Graignamanagh is a River Riviera and has to be one of the best kept secrets in the south East and it always amazes me about how sol few people know what's available here.

Hour from KilkEnny city and with views of mount Leinster and Brandon Hill

The diving boards are up and the young people have been flocking to it for the last few weeks. On Wednesday, I met a few Leaving Cert students going for a dip after the English paper.

There are changing rooms and toilets and if there was an issue it has to be the location of the life guards, a few hundred yards away at the rather than at the boat house where the vast majority of people congregate.

People are always canoeing and kayaking down there and if you go on line you will find a rental place and people you meet down there will, if they like the gib of you, ask you on their Canadian two man canoe.

There is plenty parking and after your swim walk to the street to Duiske abbey which is the largest Cistercian abbey in Ireland and has been preserved and restored by the local community and is on a par with many of the attractions in Kilkrnny city.

It's lovely to cool down in there light a candle and say a prayer to God, Buddha, whoever. it's such a spiritual place.

And then walk back down, crossing the street to Mick Doyle's pub where you can buy a slash hook, hammer, a door hinges, screwdrivers and a pint in the front bar where Pat Doyle will make you feel at home and serve you a delicious coffee from the new swanky machine.

There are no litter bins at the bathing area and this is a small thing that might be addressed.