Non-celebrities are ready to try and stay in Kilmoganny 'jungle'

Non-celebrities are ready to try and stay in Kilmoganny 'jungle'
Sam Matthews @SamAMatthewsKP

Eleven local men and women are currently mentally preparing themselves for the ordeal that awaits them this August Bank Holiday weekend.

The second annual I'm Not A Celebrity, Keep Me In Here will take place in the woods in Kilmoganny from July 27 — 31. This year, it's going to even be that little bit harder, with an extra day added on .

Four days and five nights of mental and physical challenges — and odd things on the menu — await the contestants, who will be facing more than a few of their fears. The trial/challenge area has been designed to allow people to watch proceedings, and everyone is welcome to come up and have a look.

Meanwhile, there's a purpose-built camp where the contestants will have to live and sleep the rest of the time.

There's a campfire, which it will be important for them to keep going as best they can — to stay warm and cook.

There will be a constant security presence. Each contestant is only allowed bring a certain amount of clothes, and bags will be checked for contraband.

General contact with the 'outside world' won't be permitted.

As always, all the shenanigans will be for a good, local cause. Funds are being raised for the school and to go towards a new juvenile GAA pitch and activity space for the area.

Each contestant has had to raise a certain amount of corporate sponsorship, while members of the public coming up to watch will make a small contribution as they vote for their contestant of choice.

The times of the various trials will be posted up on the group's Facebook page, and the Kilkenny People will be keeping an eye on proceedings and providing updates also.

The launch of I’m Not a Celebrity, Keep Me in Here is on Wednesday, July 27. The winner will be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle and receive a prize on Sunday evening.