Transform yourself for Wheelchair Association

Transform yourself for Wheelchair Association

Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) in conjunction with Get Fit Nutrition, the Ormonde Hotel and Marble City Travel are launching an initiative to support and promote healthy lifestyles throughout Kilkenny.

The 20 week programme will focus on transforming the attitudes and lifestyle habits of 20 local males and females. Together, Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA), The Ormonde Leisure Centre and Get Fit Nutrition will encourage and assist local people and the wider community who wish to transform their mental, physical and emotional outlooks over the next 20 weeks.

The initiative known as ‘20 – 20 Transformation’ will focus on educating participants on good and healthy food and lifestyle choices, developing individual exercise and diet plans.

It is hoped that the 20 participants will transform their body, soul and minds with the advice and encouragement of professionals, local businesses and peer support. Speaking about the initiative during the launch event this evening, Tony Coy, Service Coordinator with Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) explained: “Event organisers are looking for 20 local volunteers to lead the ‘20 -20 Transformation’ programmes. Local people, clubs and organisations can join the teams and follow the 20 week programme also. The concept of the challenge is to bring the whole community together to support each participant to reach their end goal. Two local IWA members will be joining the teams, and will be promoting disability awareness, integration and inclusion specifically around exercise and sport.”

What's organised

Local businesses and organisations are supporting the ‘20 – 20 Transformation’ and a number of public events have been organised including:

Healthy Meals with Edward Hayden


Castle Park Walks

Food & Nutrition Talks


Fashion & Style Workshops

Fitness & Lifestyle Workshop (Ormonde trainers)

20 – 20 Menu Choices in Local Restaurants

If you are interested in joining IWA, The Ormonde Leisure Centre and Get Fit Nutrition for the ‘20 – 20 Transformation’ challenge please contact Tony Coy, Irish Wheelchair Association on 086-8130710 or visit IWA Resource Centre, College Road, Kilkenny alternatively speak with Claire Fisher, Get Fit Nutrition, Ormonde Street, Kilkenny on 0874620070.

Two teams will be formed based on a short interview selection process. All participants who sign up for the ‘20 -20 Transformation’ will receive a sponsorship card to raise funds over the duration of the 20 week programme. All funds raised will be immediately invested into the range of services IWA provides throughout Kilkenny.