Imagine sets out ambitious broadband plans for rural Kilkenny

Imagine sets out ambitious broadband plans for rural Kilkenny

Homes and businesses across Kilkenny`s broadband black spots will no longer have to wait for High Speed Broadband, according to broadband provider Imagine.

Following a recent announcement by the company, in the coming weeks, the first 110 town lands in the county that have been waiting for high speed broadband, will be connected to Imagine’s New National LTE Fibre Network.

Up to now, getting high speed broadband, using the existing phone lines to connect to fibre, was dependent on the planned upgrade of the eir network and local exchange to fibre. But even then this is limited to homes and business close to the network or the local exchange.

In regional and rural areas, this has left thousands of homesand businesses unsure when and if they will be able to get connected. These homes can now check the initial coverage at

Instead of having to use the copper network to connect homes to fibre enabled exchanges Imagine are using the very latest next generation wireless technology 'Advanced LTE' to connect homes and businesses directly to the nearest fibre point on their network. This means that the service is not limited to areas close to an exchange and can be provided to anyone within a coverage area of up to 13KM.

While the minimum speed that Imagine will connect you at is 30MB and depending on your location can be up to 100MB, existing LTE customers in Kildare and Cork where the service was deployed in the last few months are getting on average 65Mb download and 6MB upload. To ensure that every customer gets the service they expect each area is connected on a phased basis with the number of users restricted to 400 homes in each phase.

So if you need or want high speed broadband, you need to register your interest.

“LTE is a game changer in delivering high speed broadband service to Regional and Rural Ireland. In Australia,” said Brian O'Donohoe, Commercial Director of Imagine.

“Germany, France, China and Japan LTE is used as an alternative or to replace existing copper lines to delive NGA broadband services and is the quickest and most efficient way to meet the demand and need in rural and regional Ireland.

“The feedback from the prelaunch in Kildare and Cork is that this is life changing for families, businesses and rural communities.

“We are excited about bringing these benefits to rural communities in Kilkenny,” said Mr O' Donohoe.

In addition to Kilkenny, Imagines LTE Network will be going live in areas in Longford, Carlow, Westmeath,

Waterford and further areas in Wexford and Meath this month.

Whether as an individual, a business or community, Imagine are inviting anyone who lives in a broadband blackspot to register their interest in getting the service to their area today. To ensure that your area is prioritised you and your neighbours can register on

Initial Kilkenny town lands being covered: Troyswood, summerhill, skinstown, lisduff, Keatingstown, Kilcreene and more areas.