Veri Integrated Training finds new levels of service

Veri Integrated Training finds new levels of service

A Kilkenny-born software expert has teamed up with one of the country’s most highly accredited training providers to launch a brand new and integrated software solution that provides students, tutors and training providers with the ultimate quality and compliance seal!

Veri Integrated Training is the brainchild of software in training expert Ann-Marie McSorley. The Sevenhouses-born entrepreneur has been at the helm at iResource Education and Training in ROI since 2008 and previously a team leader for Compass Catering, Local District Councils and the NSPCC in Northern Ireland for 15 years.

The new software takes the pain and paper out of compliance and quality assurance in the growing training industry and will ensure the highest industry standards are met, she said. Veri is being showcased for the first time at the FET (Further Education and Training) conference in Mullingar on September 30.

For Management, trainees and their tutors, it provides greater accountability, and live ability to track and trace programme outcomes, McSorley, who is based at the Innovation Centre at Burrell Hall, St Kieran’s College, explained.

“Focusing on quality assurance and measured outcomes, we saw a huge need for a software solution that would save time in tracking, compliance and measuring performance. This applies not just for student grades but for tutor communication, module results, learner engagement and all the milestones we need to track and measure in effective learning outside of exams and the formal classroom.”

Others involved include software start-up expert, Shane Barron. He has worked with Hostel World, Sonru and now Fintech trail-blazer Blue Finn. His programming expertise ensures that every user enjoys a seamless experience.