Are you ready for The Reign of Terror? Are you?

Are you ready for The Reign of Terror? Are you?

Reign of Terror is an obstacle course run set in the medieval village of Kells, on Saturday, October 22.

It promises to be the most exciting and energetic outdoor event in Kilkrnny this year.

A staggering 67 obstacles have been completed and will be placed along the 10 kilometre route.

Expect eight foot high wall scales, electric shock surprises, bale scale, tyre squeeze, Monkey Bars Mud Bath and Cargo Net Climb for starters

And are there are some natural hurdles already in place including the King's River.

Health and safety is being taken very seriously by the organisers and all measures necessary to ensure the safety of participants will be in place.

The event is attracting huge interest locally and nationally. A number of international participants have booked with people coming from Britain and Canada.

the natural and man-made obstacles are spread over the 10km or 5km course, ranging from 8ft and 6ft wall scales, electric shock surprises, bale scale, tyre squeeze, Monkey Bars Mud Bath, Cargo Net Climb and more, this event will be an exhilarating experience for both participants and spectators set in the exceptionally picturesque and historic setting of Kells.

With hundreds booked in already this event has broad appeal to both young and old, male and female, fit and not so fit. The challenge creates an exceptional bonding experience and is more about the journey shared than the run itself. Such is the quality of the obstacles and event organisation that Reign of Terror has been selected as a qualifier event for the Irish obstacle course race championship. The fact that the course has been recognized as being of sufficient quality to host a qualifying event of that nature is a huge compliment to the course design team, and indicates that for the competitively minded participant, the course will be a great challenge. However, you set your own limits. Not everybody is competitive, or an athlete, and so whilst the course is tough, it is designed to be suitable for the less competitive participant also. You will be encouraged to complete every obstacle, and the other participants will be encouraged to support and help you in getting under, over, or through each obstacle, but if you choose not to take on an obstacle, you will not be forced to do it.

All proceeds will go towards funding the playground in Kells and resources for Dunnamaggin GAA club.

The organising committee is not new to event management and have had many successes in the past, most notably a monster lawnmower ride in 2013 that made the Guinness Book of records.

Athletes will be visible at all times making it perfect for those who want a tough challenge in a spectator friendly environment and so even if you do not want to participate, come along to watch. It’s guaranteed to be an entertaining day! This will have friends, work colleagues, clubs, individuals and groups coming back year after year, but be warned, you will get wet, you will get muddy… the question is have you got what it takes to complete the Reign of Terror?

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