Planning permission granted for 93 bedrooms at Mount Juliet, Kilkenny

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Planning permission granted for 93 bedrooms at Mount Juliet, Kilkenny

Mount Juliet Kilkenny

Expansion at exclusive Thomastown hotel

The owners of Mount Juliet estate, Thomastown have received planning permission for a multi-million euro expansion.

MJBE Investments will make significant changes to the existing Hunter's Yard which used to house the golf club house and golf shop before moving to the recently opened new golf pavilion.

The main expansion will see a new two storey and part three storey extension comprising a combined total of 93 bedrooms and ancillary accommodation to the north east of the existing two storey hotel bedroom accommodation block.

There will be no changes to the existing bar/restaurant areas or to Kendal's restaurant/multi-functional banquet space, along with the associated kitchens or the Leisure Centre save for internal alterations, modifications and associated alterations to external facades.

The extension to the existing treatment rooms, which is part of the Spa and leisure centre will be made downstairs into the old golf shop area and to the area to the north of the archway entrance.

Minor modifications are proposed to the existing carpark, entrance roadway and overall hard landscape design for Hunters Yard and

courtyard covered walkway.

The Golf Club and its activities are unaffected by the application.

The proposed modifications to the approved scheme provides for a total new construction floor space of 3,924 sqm GFA (with net increase of 1,123 sqm for proposed additional bedroom.

The application site comprises an area of c.4.12 hectares and primarily relates to development at Hunters Yard. There are a number of structures on the record of Protected Structures at Mount Juliet Estate (including Refs. C367, D24, C1021, C1022, C1023). No works of any sort are proposed to these structures.