Catherine Barron Kilkenny artist shortlisted

Catherine Barron Kilkenny artist shortlisted

Kilkenny-based artist Catherine Barron will compete for the biggest prize in Irish contemporary art at Vue 2016 at the Royal Hibernian Association gallery from November 3-6.

The €5,000 Vue Contemporary Art Prize presented by Savills will be awarded to the artist who has produced an outstanding body of work in the last year or to the artist who made some other substantial contribution to the visual arts in Ireland.

A total of 19 of Ireland’s leading contemporary art galleries have each nominated an artist as a contender for the prize and RHA director Dr Patrick Murphy, who has an extensive track record as a curator of contemporary Irish art, will adjudicate.

Catherine was nominated by the Molesworth Gallery in Dublin where she completed ‘Lone Play’, a series of paintings on 12-inch bakelite records, as well as more traditional wooden boards.

The work charts the artist’s own, very personal story and leads us on a confessional and intensely emotional journey through her adult life.

“When we want to say something, we pick out and articulate specific details to communicate an experience or a particular meaning,” Catherine said.

“The stories we tell can relay something that has happened, something that is happening, but also something we imagine or hope for. How we tell the story also conveys how we feel about it, how we understand it.”

Last year’s prize was awarded to abstract artist Richard Gorman who collaborated with Stoney Road Press for his series ‘Kan’ – three monumental (150 x 110cm) carborundum prints on handmade Indian paper.

"This is only the second year the Savills Art Prize has been presented at Vue and we hope the award will become as important to Irish art as the Turner Prize is in the UK," said Vue 2016 organiser Louis O’Sullivan.

“Savills is the perfect partner to present the Prize as most art is found in homes and businesses, and not just museums.

“Vue 2016 is a great opportunity for collectors and investors to experience some of the best contemporary art currently being created in Ireland, and to get some expert advice and guidance from leading galleries."

Opening hours for Vue 2016 are 6-8pm on Thursday, November 3, 11am-8pm on Friday, November 4, 11am-7pm on Saturday, November 5, and 12-6pm on Sunday, November 6.