Atlantic inspires exhibition by Alonso

Atlantic inspires exhibition by Alonso

Artist, Saturio Alonso will open his new exhibition, Atlantic at the Open Studio in the Kilkenny County Council Arts Office, 5 Dean Street in the city .

The Atlantic dominates, influences and determines all aspects of life in Ireland and remains an overwhelming presence in the psychological and mythical self-perception of the Irish people.

The Atlantic series of drawings are created in an abstraction mood, an action that is determined more by the physical involvement of the body that by the conceptual comprehension of the process. The work proceeds without any prepared plan and is only uncovered when it is completed.

Opening hours - Mondays November 7 and 14 9.30am – 5pm; Tuesdays November 8 and 16 - 2 to 5pm November 17 9.30am – 5pm