Goresbridge land in Kilkenny goes for €17,000 an acre

Goresbridge land in Kilkenny goes for €17,000 an acre
By Sean Keane

Demand for good quality, agricultural land in Kilkenny continues to rise.

The latest evidence of this comes from auctioneer, Ed Donohoe of Donohoe Town & Country.

He conducted a sale of 41.35 acres of tillage land located at Lowergrange, Goresbridge in the Club House Hotel, Patrick Street, Kilkenny on Friday. The four fields which include an old limestone quarry are known locally as “Clover Quarry.”

As the potential bidders sat down in the ballroom of the hotel, , Mr Donohoe said the land was; “the best you will ever walk.”

The opening bid was €350,000 and after that, the bids increased by €25,000 each time per until it reached €500,000 when the bids increased by €10,000 a time.

At this stage there were four interested parties and it eventually went under the gavel at €685,000. The land was bought by a Waterford accountant, Mr John Brennan, in trust for a local horseman who, according to Mr Donohoe “has an interest in the area.”

“I knew this parcel would create interest because high quality limestone land rarely comes on the market in this area,” Mr Donohoe said.